Facebook Resource Roundup

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With all the buzz going about Facebook this and Facebook that, finding the most relevant resources can be quite daunting! Whether you’re just testing the social media waters or a full-time Facebook fanatic, there’s always more to learn about this internet giant. Here is a compilation of some of the best links, guides, and how-to’s for mastering Facebook.

Getting Started

These guides will cover the most basic parts of Facebook — creating an account, introducing you to standard features, and helping you start thinking about how you and your benefit can benefit from being a part of it.

Facebook’s Guide to Setting up your Profile
Exploring Facebook
Getting your business on Facebook

FB Ads & Marketing

With nearly 700 million users, more than half of whom spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day on the site, Facebook is a marketer’s dream. Learn about the different types of marketing and advertising that you can do on Facebook.

The Basics of Marketing on Facebook
How to get started with FB Ads
Facebook’s official Media Guide they suggest for business pages
10 Rules for Advertising on Facebook
Top Facebook Marketing Resources
How to Sell Products via Your Facebook Page

FB Promotions & Contests

Running contests on Facebook is anything but straight-forward! Read these articles before you launch any sort of giveaway or promotion, or risk having your page shut down.

Facebook’s Official Promotion Guidelines (updated regularly)
Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know


FB Pages

A Facebook Fan Page is the essential place for businesses to build brand awareness, market their products, and communicate with customers, both prospective and current. Here are some of the best resources we’ve found on how to take full advantage of this space.

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Pages
Build a Facebook Fan Page the Smart Way
Essential Guide To Facebook Page Changes
Features of Facebook new Fan Pages
Status Update Tips
How to Manage your Facebook Wall in any Situation
How to Measure Your Facebook Engagement

FB Places

Places is a  part of Facebook that links location with social. It’s a fairly new feature, but gaining huge momentum as more and more users switch to smartphones. Find out what it is and why it’s important for your business.

Getting More Fans

What’s the fun in social media if you aren’t being social? These articles will help you find your audience and get your business’s fan page the attention it deserves.

FB Faux Pas

With all the great things you can and should be doing on Facebook, there are some essential things to note that you absolutely should not be doing! Play it safe and read these articles to make sure you’re not getting yourself into trouble.
How to get your Facebook Fan Page Banned
Understanding the rules: the CANs & CANNOTs of Facebook

FB Tips & Tricks

With a site as massive as Facebook, there are always little tweaks you can make here and there that could make the difference between fantastic and flop.

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