lead generation for small business

How to Generate Leads For Your New Business

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Have you recently started a new business and are in search of guaranteed methods to generate leads? Here’s how to generate leads for beginners so you can start bringing in potential clients immediately. How many leads do you need? What’s your current strategy for generating leads? Did you know the most popular strategies are email marketing (78%), event marketing (73%), and content…

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9 Ways Your Business Can Improve it’s Local Ranking on Google

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Local businesses are the backbone of many areas. The relationships you form and the personalised service and care you offer beats any online transaction. Unfortunately though, without plenty of discipline and a strong online presence, it may be difficult to win over the hearts of the community these days if you’re not showing up in local searches on Google. The…

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lead generation marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation Marketing

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How can you successfully generate new leads for your business? Follow this guide to lead generation marketing to learn all the techniques you need.   Who doesn’t want more leads? Leads are the lifeblood of business. There’s a clear correlation between profits and leads. But did you know 87% of companies that don’t achieve their revenue goals generate less than…

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How Google’s SSL Certificate Changes Will Impact Your Business

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Google’s SSL changes mean more than just a secure internet – it could mean thousands in lost revenue if your website is left unchecked. Imagine this scenario… You’ve got leads coming into your website regularly, your SEO is performing well, and because you have an ecommerce store, they’re making purchases with ease… And then one day, it all stops. No…

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How These 5 Businesses Transformed Their Websites

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Reality TV, including plastic surgery fixes and home makeover shows, is full of unbelievable transformations. The before-and-after comparisons really makes you wonder, ‘how can they do that? That’s incredible!’. These transformations aren’t just limited to TV magic – you can have a similar effect on your customers with a website redesign. A simple tweak (or complete overhaul!) and adding new…

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21 Homepages that generate Sales

21 Amazing Homepages That Generate Sales

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You’ve finally found it…. The ultimate guide to the perfect homepage design. Designing a homepage that actually converts visitors into buyers can be pretty tricky. The great news is… you can use this blog as a guide to creating a killer, sales producing website within just a few weeks. In this blog, we showcase 21 amazing homepages that are generating quality…

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3 Simple Ways: How to Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers

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Facebook is the most used online social media platform in the world today, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. The Stats in February showed that Facebook reached more that 1 billion users worldwide and it’s rapidly increasing. So don’t miss out… seize the opportunity now… and make the most of Facebook to achieve your more sales using online…

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Google Analytics: 8 Basic Things To Know In Google Analytics Reporting

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Google Analytics is a free and fantastic analytics tool provided by Google to track and report web traffic. The amount of information provided by Google Analytics can be overwhelming…but don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through the 8 basic things that will help you to understand Google Analytics reports and make calculated decisions for your business. The amount of…

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