Defining Success & Unleashing The Entrepreneur Within (Podcast Interview)

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rebel Black about my rural beginnings and entrepreneurial journey to success. Rebel is the co-founder of THE Rural Woman and chief inspirer of gifted, rural entrepreneurial women all around the globe. We had a real blast! It gave me tingles and even some tears when I listened to it Saturday morning —…

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FREE Email Follow-Up Templates That Will Get A Response

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Have you ever sent a follow-up email to your potential customers to “check in” if they’ve seen and read your previous and hear crickets? You’ve probably offered them your latest and best product yet – but you received no replies, nor are they answering you calls. So what now? How do you go about unanswered sales pitch? Last week, I’ve debunked the common misconception that email…

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A Small Business Guide To Outsourcing

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Two hours left before knock-off time… you still have a pile of work to do, you need to be in a meeting that will start in 15 minutes, and you have to make a very important client call. You look around, all your employees are busy with tasks that they’re assigned to do. You check your schedule for tomorrow, and…

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How To Automate And Improve Your Customer Service

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According to a study conducted by Creative Strategies, 93% of customers indicated that quality customer service is vital to maintaining brand loyalty. The same study also tells us that companies that make customer service a high priority see twelve times the return on sales than those companies with a low emphasis on service. Why am I telling you this? Because…

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Automating Facebook Campaigns Made Easy

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For the past weeks, we’ve talked about simplifying business management by automating time-consuming but very important tasks. My absolute favorite was automating social media because although I know how important it is for the business, I don’t always have to give my full attention due to other critical tasks (a lot of them, actually). I also loved how I got…

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