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June 2018 Online Marketing Deal


EOFY Sales Booster Email Automation BONUS

Get this incredible ‘Sales Booster Email Automation Package’ – FREE with any Business Pro Website Package, valued at $1,995!

Implementing an automated follow-up strategy using powerful email automation tools is HUGE and if you’re not doing it you’re missing out on a bunch of new customers.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Sales Booster Strategy Session – to create the perfect email automation strategy to convert more web visitors into buyers
  2. Email Austomation Sequence Plan – to work out the length of your buying cycle and the best times to send each of your automated emails.
  3. 5 x Highly Engaging Emails – that gets people engaged, educated and in love with your brand.
  4. Complete Campaign Automation Setup – so anyone who opts into your website forms – be it a lead magnet or newsletter signup or something else – gets automatically added to your email follow-up sequence to soon become a new customer, without you lifting a finger.

This is a seriously amazing bonus worth a whopping $1,995, and it’s yours free until 30 June 2018 if you invest in Business Pro Website Package.

Get in touch to learn more, or call us now on 1800 932 123!

Not sure what Automated Email Follow-ups are?

If you haven’t heard of ‘email nurturing’ or ‘email automation’ then you’re in for a treat.

Automated Email Follow-Ups are the #1 best way to boost your website sales without you lifting a finger.

Also known as:

  • Email nurturing
  • Email autoresponder
  • Email drip sequence
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email funnel

They’re a carefully written set of emails that go out at specific times after a person gives you their email, designed to educate and encourage your prospects to buy.

If your buying cycle is 3-4 weeks, you might send 5 emails to those people over that time, so you’re top of mind when they make a decision.

If you’re only sending an email newsletter once a month, think how much money you’re leaving on the table by not being in front of your prospects when they make a buying decision.






Studies say it takes a person to come in contact with your business 9 times before they’ll buy from you.

So if you’re not automating your marketing, you’re missing out on a ton of lost opportunities with potential buyers by not nurturing (which is just educating) people who visit your website.

Think about it…

  • How many people go to your website but never call you?
  • Do you collect their email if they’re not ready to buy?
  • What to you do to remind them you exist?

The average website conversion rate is only 1-2%. So you’re losing 98 out of 100 people who come to your website, by not having various ways of engaging with you.

What if you had a way to capture those people and follow-up with them every few days to educate them on your company, your products/services, maybe a case study or a testimonial, and even a special offer like 10% off their first purchase to encourage them to do business with you?

This can all happen while you’re asleep!

All you need to to is setup an automated email campaign to nurture your website visitors to buy from you and put your sales process on autopilot!

Get this incredible ‘Sales Booster Email Automation Package’ – FREE with any Business Pro website package in the month of June, and valued at $1,995!

Get in touch to learn more, or call us now on 1800 932 123!


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