Are your competitors getting all the traffic?

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So you’ve published your hot new website, you sit back eagerly checking your analytics waiting for the traffic and….. nothing. Feels pretty frustrating, doesn’t it?

Fear not, you just need a boost using some SEO tactics. Read on to learn how.

So you’ve published your hot new website, you sit back eagerly checking your analytics and waiting for the traffic numbers to shoot through the roof and….. nothing. Nada. Zip! You feel a chill. You know people are searching for your kind of products, but why aren’t they coming to YOUR site? Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we have some answers for you. It’s called search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here are some basic quick tips for improving your site’s SEO yourself:

  1. A good, realistic keyword. Preferably a long-tail one if you’re not doing any ongoing SEO. If you do have an SEO expert helping you, let yourself be guided by their experience.
  2. A unique title tag. This is the SEO title (blue link) people see when searching on Google so make it juicy and you’ll get more clicks. And of course, include your keyword! >More info 
  3. A compelling meta description. Again, this is like an advertisement for your page so make it compelling so you can draw people into your site. >More info 
  4. A strong headline, with keyword/s. You absolutely have to quickly communicate how you solve your visitors’ problems. Don’t waffle on about starting in 1945… who cares? Instead, be the Panadol to their pain. How do you make them feel/look good?
  5. A good amount of copy. Hey, we’re all for visuals but if you have no text on your home page, how does Google know that your site is relevant to users’ searches? You should have at least 150-200 words including natural usage of your keyword.
  6. Clear call to action or offer. What do you want them to do on your site? Make sure you make this as big and bold as you can. There’s no point driving traffic if your site doesn’t convert so invest time here>More info 
  7. Inbound links. Unless you’re selling something really unique that no-body else has, you’re gonna need to build inbound links. How? Think about blogging and pushing your blog through social media channels, guest blogging on related sites, paid listings on industry sites, Google+, being an active member on industry forums and publishing great content on the web to get seen as a start.
  8. Image alt-text. Because Google can’t read images, so alt-text is a signpost that let’s Google know what’s in the picture (e.g. kids playing with a ball). You can boost your SEO signals by adding the main keyword to the alt-text (e.g. sporting goods kids playing with a ball). Just make sure the keyword you’re using relates to the text on your page or Google might not like it!

So lock away an hour this evening and get a leg up on improved rankings for your site. But above all, keep at it!

P.S. If the thought of all this totally overwhelms you and you’d rather stick to what you know best, get in touch with us to chat about our new SEO Packages for Small Business. 

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