21 Homepages that generate Sales

21 Amazing Homepages That Generate Sales

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You’ve finally found it…. The ultimate guide to the perfect homepage design. Designing a homepage that actually converts visitors into buyers can be pretty tricky. The great news is… you can use this blog as a guide to creating a killer, sales producing website within just a few weeks. In this blog, we showcase 21 amazing homepages that are generating quality…

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Google Analytics: 8 Basic Things To Know In Google Analytics Reporting

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Google Analytics is a free and fantastic analytics tool provided by Google to track and report web traffic. The amount of information provided by Google Analytics can be overwhelming…but don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through the 8 basic things that will help you to understand Google Analytics reports and make calculated decisions for your business. The amount of…

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9 Simple Steps: How to Setup Your Google Business Page

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Google has about 1.3 billion users, which represents a great opportunity for small businesses to reach a massive crowd who might be interested in their product or services. Google created ‘Google My Business Pages’ to help small business owners increase their visibility within Google search, Google Maps and Google Plus. Google My Business for mobile has already been created for…

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A Small Business Guide To Outsourcing

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Two hours left before knock-off time… you still have a pile of work to do, you need to be in a meeting that will start in 15 minutes, and you have to make a very important client call. You look around, all your employees are busy with tasks that they’re assigned to do. You check your schedule for tomorrow, and…

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How To Automate And Improve Your Customer Service

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According to a study conducted by Creative Strategies, 93% of customers indicated that quality customer service is vital to maintaining brand loyalty. The same study also tells us that companies that make customer service a high priority see twelve times the return on sales than those companies with a low emphasis on service. Why am I telling you this? Because…

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