Want sales? You want Pinterest!

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OK, OK, we hear you. You want online traffic and you want sales and then… you want some MORE sales. First we’d say… Join the queue! Then (after you gave us a sad puppy dog look) we’d say… get Pinterest! And here’s 6 reasons why:


#1 If you pin it you’ll sell it (maybe): If you put the price of your product in the description Pinterest automatically creates a pricetag so your visitor knows they can buy it. How cool is that?! That’s one reason why Pinterest has become the most lucrative social referrer, feeding eCommerce sites approx 10% of sales, compared to 7% from Facebook.

#2 Big spenders: And if you do gain a buyer, Pinterest users spend more than twice as much as Facebook users (A US study suggests $180 vs. $85).

#3 You can find a new audience: Pinterest appeals to a more visually focused crowd that may not be spending their downtime on Facebook or Twitter. So if you’ve got any ability with design and if your products are attractive (plumber’s parts might not work) then you need to be here!

#4 Smart targeting: Most Pinterest users search for interesting new content, so it’s all about keywords, and that means SEO. So make sure you put your keyword-rich copy on every pin! That’s more targeted than Facebook and Twitter (#crappyhashtag anyone?).

#5 Your brand is more memorable: People engage more with images and video which makes Pinterest posts far more memorable than Twitter.

#6 Quality not quantity: You only need to post 4-5 nice looking posts per week to gain traction on Pinterest. In comparison, you need at least 1 post per hour on Twitter to break through the clutter!


LATE UPDATE: As of 14th March 2013, Pinterest now has inbuilt analytics!

Yep the social site with the sales producing mostest can now tell you how many people have pinned your content, what’s hot and what’s not. Awesome news, especially for eCommerce.

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