Web123 Has Partnered With Industry Leading Accessibilty Solution – AudioEye

  • 20% of Australian’s are living with a disability
  • Improve your brands accessibility
  • Improve your SEO with a better user experience
  • Will not alter the way your website looks

How accessible is your site?

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    Trusted By Industry Leaders As The Go To Accessibility Solution

    AudioEye’s AI technology is unmatched in the industry, scanning your site for errors with every new site visitor. Monitoring and fixing hundreds of accessibilty errors within seconds. Add to that the 24/7 Help Desk packed with industry experst to fix issues in real time.

    • Active visitor scanning 3 times that of the competition
    • Scan initiated with every site visit

    Instant Accessibility Evaluation

    You will get your first AudioEye Accessibility Score the moment you sign up. From then on, AudioEye continues to provide you a clear and actionable score quantifying your risk and identifying opportunities for improvement.

    • Accessibility Score backed by 15+ years of expertise
    • Verified and proven by billions of webpages tested

    Certified Accessibility Expertise

    Technology can’t do it alone. That’s why we provide even more with our certified experts who can help you throughout your accessibility journey. If a lawsuit occurs, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

    • 20+ AudioEye Experts hold IAAP Certifications
    • 100% successful legal defense achieved by customers

    AI Technology That’s The Envy Of Our Competition

    AudioEye’s patented technology tests for over 400 accessibility and compliance issues, and can fix more than 73% of errors on average, reducing the time to make content accessible.

    • AI instantly improves Accessibility Score by up to 25 points
    • AudioEye fixes 3x more than nearest competitor

    A Trusted Process, With A Hands On Approach

    AudioEye’s AI-powered accessibility platform and team of experts provide full-coverage support needed to ensure your website is compliant—keeping you protected from legal risk

    • AI instantly improves Accessibility Score by up to 25 points
    • AudioEye fixes 3x more than nearest competitor
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    Our Approach

    AudioEye Plans


    From $99 per month


    Contact us for your customised solution


    Contact us for your customised solution

    • For state and federal departments & enterprise business
    • 500,000 or more page views per month
    • Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA & Disability Discrimination Act of 1992
    • AudioEye Trusted Certification
    • Toolbar with 24/7 Helpdesk
    • Suite of AI-Powered Tests & Fixes
    • Access to Certified Accessibility Experts
    • Annual Remediation Run: Our engineers will fix every accessibility and usability error of your site we can.
    • Advanced Legal Support: If you are ever advised of non-compliance, we would support you by providing an advanced detailed report of every fix and remediation we have performed on you site, which lead to your site being WCAG compliant certified.

    Contact us to find out your website accessibility ranking today!