Latest Upgrades to Web123 Sites

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One of the great things about Web123 are the free upgrades! If you’re a Web123 customer you might have already noticed a few changes. Here’s a quick rundown of some things which you might see and a bunch of things that are available to switch on…

The challenge we tackled this week was making your Web123 Shop more social — getting greater interaction from your visitors and encouraging them to comment and share.

General Changes

You might have noticed that items set to “DoNotPublish” now show up overlayed with red stripes (When you’re logged in as an Administrator, of course!). This makes it easy to tell which objects are visible to the public, and which aren’t.


Product Changes

Along with some aesthetic improvements to tighten up the way that products look on your website you’ll now get…

Share Widget

If you’ve got a great product that someone has just bought or is thinking about buying, we’ve integrated some easy-to-use social media buttons with the most popular social networks (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook). With the click of a button, your visitors will now be able to tell all their friends – or ask them – about any of your products. Your Share Widget should show up automatically on all of your products. If you don’t see it, let us know!

Related Products

Do some of your products work better together? Are customers who buy Product A likely to be interested in Product B? Relating products to each other helps your customers find other products they’ll love – giving you more sales. Everybody wins!

If you’ve got a Web123 shopping cart you can start relating products to each other right away: just edit any product and select another product that should be related. The relationship shows up on both products right away!

Public Inventory

Do you have limited numbers of products available? Encourage your visitors to purchase immeditely by letting them know there’s only 1 or 2 of this item left. If you track inventory through your Web123 website we can display the current inventory value to your customers and it will automatically update when a customer purchases.

Comments or Reviews

When purchasing online, a lot of customers love to read (and write) reviews. Positive (or negative) comments about a product will strongly influence a buying decision.

If you’d like to give your customers the ability to post comments on your products just raise a ticket or give us a call on 1800 932 123 so that we can switch it on for you.

Product Attributes

If the weight, finish or measurement of a product is likely to be important to your customers’ buying decision, you may want to make the information more prominent than just putting it in the product description. Product Attributes allow you to consistently display important information about a product in a easy-to-read table – so that your customers can easily compare similar products across the site. If you think this will benefit you or your customers, raise a ticket or give us a call so that we can enable Product Attributes on your site.


Still to come

We’ve got some big changes in the works for the way that your Blog or News section works – both in looks and functionality. Stay tuned!

We’ve been working hard on these new changes and we hope you’re as excited as we are. If you’ve got any feedback, or ideas for additional changes you’d love to see, leave us a comment!


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