New GDPR Kit & Handbook For Australian Small Business

There’s been a lot of information flying around recently regarding GDPR, and what it means for Australian businesses. Well, luck for us our good friend and client Mary-Anne Waldren from Master Adviser Program has done her research and offered to share some valuable information with us.

Mary Anne Waldren, an international entrepreneur is helping Australian online Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Enterprises build Digital Trust.

The Senates motion to improve Australian Privacy legislation and bring them up to the level of the EU’s GDPR means cyber theft and fake news being published by AI manipulators will now be regulated.

Mary Anne’s event, “GDPR – A Business time bomb for companies unprepared” includes a give-away, a GDPR Handbook and Business Templates Kit.

Speakers including Catherine Van Extel from ABC Radio National will be interviewing the Victorian Information Commissioner, a lawyer, a technologist from Dolby and a businessman from European technology company Kentico. The kit and the price are the same. So, Melbourne entrepreneurs register below.

Why is GDPR important now?

In short, if you’re an Australian business and have European citizens as clients, then you are required to comply with this legislation.

Should a breach to the new GDPR Privacy Online Laws occur, the EU can fine business 20 million Euros or 4% of your Global income, not just your European income.

Get your GDPR Kit Now

The GDPR Handbook and Business Template Kit has tonnes of value, and if you buy the kit you’ll also receive an invite to an exclusive GDPR event on 20th June 2018 with the ABC.

Listen to Mary Anne and and Mark James talk about the Kit here.

This comprehensive GDPR Kit includes:

  1. GDPR Handbook
  2. GDPR Check List
  3. Website Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers document
  4. Website Privacy Policy document
  5. An Email Privacy Notice
  6. Cookie Policy
  7. Processor Agreement
  8. Document Retention Period Check-List
  9. A video from MoJoU explaining the pack and how to implement it
  10. Free access to occasional webinars with MoJoU, one of the UK’s top compliance companies
  11. A 20-minute consultation with a technical compliance expert
  12. PLUS, a 20-minutes consultation with an Australian lawyer to ensure you’re covered with Australian law

BONUS #1: Register for webinar “From Novice to Compliant – GDPR made simple, delivered as a Service”.

The GDPR Compliance Handbook will be explained in detail and you’ll get to meet the panel of top experts on the topic, with panelists spending time at each table after the discussion. Plus, enjoy a working lunch during the event.

Learn more about the up and coming webinar on18th June 2018, at 4pm here.

BONUS #2: Business Bundle Essentials, Normally $99

And if that wasn’t enough Mary Anne has also generously offered to give our Web123 family and friends an additional Business Bundle free, normally $99.

It’s packed full of essential legal and HR forms and is yours free when you buy the GDPR Kit & Handbook.

Simply add ‘WEB123’ in the checkout to claim the bundle.

For more information, speak to Mary Anne about the GDPR Handbook and templates by emailing her at [email protected] or call 0412340622.

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