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There are many different elements to getting your business online, least of which include hosting a website. If your website were a monkey, your web-hosting would be the enclosure that you keep your monkey in.

It can be tempting, sometimes, to scrimp on hosting: after all, people are coming to look at the monkey, not where it is sitting.

But cheap and dodgy hosting can make your website unstable, unreliable and unsecure. If your monkey doesn’t have a nice clean place to sleep – what do you think it’s going to start throwing?

Big enough?

Sometimes cheap and dodgy hosting plans have extremely small data and bandwidth limits. What if you want to add more images? What if you run a radio ad and your traffic doubles? How do you feel about surprise bills?

If your website were a monkey you need to make sure that it has room to grow and enough space for your visitors.

All Web123 customers have unlimited data and 20GB/month bandwidth allowance. (Hint: That’s a LOT).

So whether you’ve got 2 products or 2,000 you’ll never receive a surprise hosting bill or suddenly be unable to make changes to your website.

Anybody Home?

If you’re running an online business you want to make sure that you are… online. 100% uptime may not be your number 1 priority, but if your website fails to load, then your potential customers will go elsewhere. If your website vanishes, even temporarily, your potential customers may assume you’ve gone out of business.

If your website were a monkey, cheap and dodgy hosting means that your monkey might not be there when you go visiting. And you might not have control over when it comes back.

All Web123 customers can be confident that their website will be up when they need it to be. If our primary network happened to go down, we’ve got a redundant network that can take over within a few minutes. If you’re interested in the ins and outs of our network we’re more than happy to answer your questions: but all you really need to know is that your website will be online.

What are you selling?

How would you feel if instead of selling or advertising your products and services your website was suddenly selling porn or viagra. What do you think that would do to your professional image? Do you think those visitors are likely to ever return or recommend your products or services to their contacts?

Google and many Anti-Virus programs keep a look-out for infected websites and warn people away – which can mean that people will refuse to visit even once your website is clean again.

If your website were a monkey, cheap and dodgy hosting puts your monkey at risk of being infected.

Security is extremely important to us here at Web123 – your Web123 website will only ever sell your products. Once again, if you want to know all about what we do to keep your website secure then let us know.

“My website isn’t that big – it’s not important”

“Sure,” you might be thinking “If you’re a big multinational with hundreds of thousands of visitors or sales then I can see that being down unexpectedly for an hour or a day would be a big loss – but that doesn’t apply to me: people can just call if me website is down.”

Think about it this way: how many leads can you afford to lose? If you’re a small business, losing even one sale can be pretty disappointing.

“I’m not a target – it would never happen to me.”

“I’m just one of the little people,” you might be thinking. “Nobody would want to hack my website!” and you’re probably right. It’s unlikely that someone would decide to maliciously attack you, specifically. But these aren’t isolated attacks against individual websites. If your web hosting is cheap and dodgy then you can be taken down along with hundreds or thousands of others.

Recently a hosting company was hacked and more than four thousand websites were permanently lost – I bet those 4800 people didn’t think they were targets either.

Hosting a website with Web123 is included in your low monthly ongoings. We’re very proud of our ongoings and we think it offers extraordinarily good value. I’ve deliberately left the technobabble out of this blog post, but if you want to know what we do to get and keep your website online feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll be in touch!

Ready to go online? Learn more about what a Web123 website can do for your business!

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