3 Simple Ways: How to Convert Facebook Followers Into Customers

Facebook is the most used online social media platform in the world today, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. The Stats in February showed that Facebook reached more that 1 billion users worldwide and it’s rapidly increasing.

So don’t miss out seize the opportunity now and make the most of Facebook to achieve your more sales using online channels.

In this Blog, we outline some great tips on how to turn your Facebook fans into customers.

Let’s dive in…

Tip #1: Coupons For Your Facebook Fans

The use of coupons is highly recommended if you’re promoting your business services on Facebook. Coupons should not be mistaken for Discounts. Discounts are considered to be a ‘hard sell’, whereas Coupons are more a ‘soft sell’.

With Coupon, Facebook fans don’t feel pressured to buy at a particular date. They can take their time to browse on your website and then make a purchase or enquire to redeem their coupon.

The below example shows you how to design and arrange your post so that it captures the attention of your Fans:


Tip #2: Testimonials From Your Customers

The use of testimonials on your Facebook page can really help you develop credibility for your products. You should, however, avoid testimonials that just talk about how great your product is.

Your Facebook fans are more interested to hear what their peers and friends are saying about your products and how the latter can solve their problems. They want to see how your products can benefit them and remove their day-to-day pains. One way to do this is to ask your customers what life was like BEFORE they used your product/service, then ask them also what it’s like NOW.

That’s a really powerful way to get compelling testimonials that speak to your target audience’s pain, and people will instantly connect themselves to that and want what you sell.

Companies selling diet and health products actively use video testimonials to allow their customers to testify how the products changed their life for the better.

Below is an example of a testimonial post from a Coca Cola consumer. The girl and her cousin love Coca Cola, and wanted to share how this beverage brings them together.


Tip #3: Include Your Product In A Story

Posting only your product image is pretty boring. You need to mix it up in a story showing how your product is going to benefit your potential customers, in this case, your Facebook fans.

There are 4 main things to consider while creating your post:

  1. Try not to focus on the products, but more on the results and activities. Demonstrate visually how fun or satisfying your product is.
  2. Use images rather than words to show the end result, or the process of what can be achieved using your products.
  3. Discuss how celebrities or highly influential people use your products (if possible).
  4. Be a problem solver. Show your Facebook fans how you can solve their problems by using your products. They will find it practically impossible not to hit on that “buy” button.

The post by Walmart below is really good. It sells products essentially to grow crops like salsa without advertising the fertiliser “Miracle-Gro”.


Points to Remember

Facebook is a place where people roam for a good story… not products. If you tell the right story, people will not only hear but listen and in turn, act.

The use of “Links” and “Call-to-Actions” are also crucial in order to get you more clicks on your post, and thereby sales.

Use large images and less text people usually just skim through content on Facebook and avoid reading big chunk of texts.

If you have any questions regarding this blog or finding more customers online, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in taking your own slice of this massive online pie!

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