Guide on Highly Converting Website Content

Even the best-looking websites are let down by boring content. No website can exist on flash and Dazzle alone. Beyond the sexy visuals, there needs to be website content to match. And there’s a lot you need to know when you’re learning how to write a website.

Engaging. Charming. Seductive. The sort of content the reader couldn’t possibly tear their eyes away from. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to make your website content as alluring as the visuals. Just follow a few rules and you’ll keep your readers reading.


The golden rule of website content

This rule is the most important rule of all when it comes to writing website content. If you break this rule you might as well kiss your reader goodbye. The golden rule of website content is this – you must engage your reader within the first 10 seconds. If they’re not hooked within that very short space of time, they never will be.

This is why you must work extra hard on your headline and opening sentences. Make sure your headline grabs their attention. It might do that by promising to solve a problem or satisfy a desire. The headline for this article might not be the most creative headline ever devised, but for a reader who is perplexed by the business of how to write website content, it is certainly enticing. Well, it got your attention, didn’t it?

Follow up your strong headline with interesting and relevant introductory sentences that promise even greater things to come. Do those things – within 10 seconds – and your readers are more likely to read everything you’ve written.


Have something to say

The next step in creating compelling website content may seem a little obvious but it’s amazing how much web content tells you absolutely nothing. Take a look at a few websites and see for yourself.

So please, if you’re going to say something, have something to say! So many people, when creating a website, opt for witty phrases and cute puns that have all the substance of a meringue – just to fill an empty space. The valuable space on your business website is much better filled with relevant and authoritative copy that intersects with the thoughts, concerns and passions of your reader. In other words, compelling website content makes a direct connection with the reader. It says ‘I understand you’. ‘I know what concerns you’. ‘This is how I can help you’.

To make this connection, do some market research about your reader, and the things that interest or concern them. By knowing your reader, you’ll know what they want to read. Sounds obvious – but not too many people get it.


I could be so good for you

When writing web content, avoid the temptation to make it all about you. Of course it is about you to an extent; but try and look at things through the eyes of your average reader. As far as they’re concerned it should be all about them: What do they want? What is their problem? What is their deepest desire?

Instead of using “we” or “our”, replace it with “you” instead. Whenever you write about yourself, balance the equation by pointing out how the good things you do are done with the reader in mind.

One idea per paragraph

This article is broken up into sections for a very good reason. Imagine all the words on this page merged into one big block. Not at all appealing to the reader. And certainly not good at highlighting that really great idea.

When writing web content, go for one idea per paragraph; this gives your brilliant idea breathing space and makes your content much more reader-friendly.

Be easy to find

Litter your headings and copy with keywords so that potential readers will find you. A density of up to 5% should do the trick.

After all, what’s the point of writing compelling website content if nobody finds it?!

Find a friend

Do you have one of those friends who always tells it like it is? A blunt and direct character who gives their opinion freely and without fear or favour? Good, you’re in luck. Before you post your content, let your friend read it. If they’re true to form they’ll tell you what’s good about it (and what’s not so good).

Better to have a friendly critic at this point than a not-so-friendly critic who is about to move onto another site because yours isn’t up to scratch.

Having read those tips you’re probably thinking, ‘Is it really as simple as all that?’ It is, if you keep these tips in mind. Just remember – many of your competitors will create their website content without using these guidelines. So, by following these tips you’ll gain a competitive edge while creating compelling website content.

What’s the best advice you’ve received when it comes to how to write a website?
Leave a comment below.

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