(Almost) Guaranteed Email Openers

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Your subject line is the most important part of your email. Here’s some great tips that will increase the success of your email campaigns…


A subject line does three things. It gets the brand in front of consumers; it gets the email opened; and if it doesn’t do that, at the very least it communicates a key message from your brand.

Obviously our title ‘guaranteed’ is a bit OTT because no one can guarantee all your emails will be opened, but with our help you’ll see a definate improvement!


Our top 10 tips…

  1. Put the most important words first.
  2. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  3. Make your emails relevant and timely
  4. Don’t sell, connect.
  5. Show some personality.
  6. You have 2 seconds to impress. Don’t waste it!
  7. Don’t be TOO creative. Clarity is key.
  8. Have a clear call to action eg ‘buy now’
  9. Entice yes, confuse no. Give them a clear idea of what they’ll get.
  10. Don’t use the same subject line for each newsletter.


Words that improve your open rates…

According to Silverpop’s 2012 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, the average email open rate is 19.9%, and this is reducing every year. People are too busy to read everything, that’s why it’s so important to write catchy subject headlines. Here are some words that have been proven to make that happen!

  • Sale
  • % off
  • Video
  • Exclusive
  • New
  • Offer
  • How to…
  • 10 easy ways to…
  •  Top 5/Top 10

Plus some more winner ideas…

  • Put a key word in [square brackets]
  • Ask a question
  • If a question doesn’t work build some anticipation with an ellipsis…

eCommerce site? Here’s some subject lines that have worked wonders…

  • Limited time offer: 25% off your entire purchase
  • Only seven seats left for next week’s workshop!
  • What’s on your wife’s list this year?
  • Just in: Great gifts for the man in your life
  • Hurry up before we sell out!


And the most powerful words in an email are…

‘You’ and ‘because’… so use them wisely!

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