YouTube Strategy for Small Business

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Small business marketing can take on many different forms. One of the best new ways of promoting your business online is through videos, especially on YouTube. Here is a how to guide of YouTube strategy for small business — the easy way!

Small Business YouTube Page

If you’ve already created a video for your busienss that you’d like to share on YouTube, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up a YouTube account. One of the most important things for your small business YouTube strategy is that your account to looks professional and works properly. This will help you generate interest and hopefully increase sales! Branding is a major part of building a web presence, so make sure that your company’s YouTube profile matches with your brand.

Your YouTube profile page will serve as a hub for all the video content your business posts. Similarly to your Facebook Business Page, your YouTube page will be a resource for anyone who wants to find your videos or learn more about your business.

YouTube will give you lots of options when you are first creating your account so you can customise the page to your liking. If you’re doing the design yourself, make sure to add your business logo and background colours to the YouTube page that will match your branding and more.

Once you have customised your YouTube business profile and you are happy with the layout and are ready to move on, it’s time to get started uploading your videos!

Uploading Videos

YouTube supports all of the major common video formats, (avi, mpg, wmv, etc.). Most cameras record in these formats by default, so you shouldn’t have to worry. Quality is a big question when it comes to online video; too low and people wont be able to see what is going on, too high and the video may take too long to load for people with slower Internet services. Working out what level of quality you need for your product depends largely on the content and your audience — try different combinations to find what works best for you.
If in doubt, I often recommend uploading to YouTube in the highest quality that you can. YouTube is smart enough to also scale the quality down into different sizes (1080p, 720p, 480, 360), so if people want to see the higher quality version its just a click away, however if their Internet service is slow they are also able to still watch the video albeit with a lower quality, it’s all about having multiple options.
Some businesses lend themselves more to having high quality online video, (film companies, design studios, architectural firms etc). You may want to remove the option for people to view your content in low quality, YouTube does offer this level of control for your videos, provided that you uploaded the video in high quality to begin with, you can set your video to only display in high quality.



A tag is similar to a label — it is a short keyword which is used to describe a particular topic or thing. For example, if you’re posting a video about a business selling musical instruments, some good tags to use would be “Musical Instrument Sales”, “Instrument Sales Australia”, or most importantly, “Your Business Name”.
If your videos aren’t tagged properly, potential customers will have a hard time finding your videos. If you put in tags that aren’t relevant, your videos won’t show up where they should either. The most common tag on YouTube is “Funny” because, well, who doesn’t enjoy a funny video? However, if you search for the tag “Funny” on YouTube you’ll find lots of non-humourous videos with that tag.
If your videos are tagged as something they are not, people will often respond negatively. Tagging is important as it helps people find relevant video content when they are searching the web. If it isn’t done properly it can negatively affect your business online. Always make sure you’re tagging your videos with relevant keywords that you actually want your video and business to known for.

Moderation and Response

So now you’ve built your small business YouTube page, added a video or two, and tagged the videos with keywords relevant to your business. Your videos are getting some traffic, and sooner or later you’ll start getting comments on the videos.
As you’re getting comments on your videos or YouTube channel, it’s important to know that as the page owner you have the option to moderate these comments however you want.
YouTube is a community-driven website, so if someone posts a comment that many other people agree with this comment will be listed as a “popular comment” on your videos. People will also get the options of “liking” or “disliking” your videos. While you don’t have any way of preventing people from possibly leaving negative comments or “disliking” your video, you can remove any comments that you see as being harmful. In best practice, try to accept feedback on your videos whether positive or negative.



For any online business, finding ways to manage your time effectively is essential. YouTube has advanced traffic tracking tools to assist you with monitoring the success of your YouTube campaigns.

Along with the basic details of seeing how many people have viewed your videos and the number of “likes” or “dislikes” each video has received, you will also get options in tracking location and other demographic details of your viewers.
Tracking demographics will show you which age groups and genders your videos are most popular with. This information is very powerful if you are looking to target a certain audience for a new product or promotion for your small business.The demographic information for age and gender is based on the YouTube account info of the people who are watching your videos. However, remember that since YouTube videos can be viewed with or without logging in, this data will not account for all of your viewers — only those who have logged in.

Tracking location information, on the other hand, will include details for every single viewer based on where the Internet service they used to watch your video is connected. This location information contains exactly where in the world your videos are most popular. You could find that your videos are growing a fan base for your small business on the other side of the world!


Small Business YouTube Works

The benefits of having a business YouTube channel generally outweigh the potential negatives, provided you have the time to create the content. Creating relevant videos for your small buisness can help you  reach a whole new field of potential customers!


YouTube makes testing and tracking video strategies a powerful but easy small business tool.

If you’re ready to get your business going on the ongoing version of the Big Screen, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with a professionally designed YouTube channel page

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