Your #1 Tip For Building An Email Marketing List… FAST!

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I’m going to share my number one tip for building an email marketing list…  and it’s not buying cold email lists!

Now, there’s no good writing an awesome newsletter or email sales letter if you’ve only got an audience of you and your mum. And, like I said, you don’t want to buy those nasty lists full of people who don’t know or care about you. Nope, you’ll get MUCH more out of an email list that’s been grown naturally and organically. And it doesn’t take that long to build.

So… want to know what my top tip is all about?

The offer. 

Now, when I say ‘the offer’ I’m talking about you creating valuable and relevant content that you ‘offer’ to your online visitors… for free.

You need a compelling, must-have offer that excites your web visitor enough that they give you their precious contact details in exchange for it. And did I mention that offer needs to be freeeeee?


Today’s 10 minute task:

  1. Work out all the main questions your customers really truly wants to know about (related to your product/service) and write them down.
  2. Start brainstorming the answers those questions in the form of an ebook, a video, a checklist or a ‘how to’ guide…. anything that would be of value to your potential customers.


This sort of lead bait method really works wonders. An email list needs to be fresh and juicy, full of potential customers that already like and value what you do. And I think some friendly bribery by giving away great stuff for free is the way to go!

In fact our own offer, the Website Starter Kit, is our biggest, most lead converting tool we have. It oughta be given it’s packed full of 7 videos, a 34 page eBook, an action plan, and a workbook! Even better, at least HALF of the people who download this kit eventually want to buy a website off us. It’s an awesome sales tool, and it’s time you got one too!


Want to know more? Read our blog on  >> how to create a great offer <<. Otherwise… start brainstorming and drop me a line down below to tell me what you come up with.

Once you’ve pulled together some ideas we’ll talk about what to do with your new email list in our next blog, so stay tuned!!

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