What is SEO? A Small Business Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (Part 1)

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When you started running your small business website, you no doubt read up on all the different ways you could promote it. After all, you want your website to be a massive traffic magnet, and in turn attract an army of brand new customers that you otherwise wouldn’t get if it wasnt’ for the web.

So of course you’ve heard of this little search engine called Google. There are other search engines (Yahoo! and Bing), but let’s face it, Google is the big daddy, and if you want to be a success, you need to get on there!

There are two ways to get onto Google’s search results pages; you can either use Pay Per Click (PPC), or you can use this method called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Okay, Let’s Back Up a Minute: What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and it’s basically the “art” of getting your website to shoot up the rankings (whilst smacking your competitors out of the way) to appear high up on the search results page for Google and other search engines.

And getting high rankings on Google is VERY important!

Did you know that on average a website who appears in the No.1 position in Google gets 5 times more organic traffic than a website who appears at No.5?! It’s even worse if you don’t even crack the top 5 too!

Google pride themselves on providing high quality results for their readers. It’s the cornerstone of why they are the most successful search engine in the world today, with around 6 billion searches every day.

6 billion searches EVERY DAY! Damn… you know you want some of that for your business!

Therefore through SEO, you can create a long-term strategy to ensure that your website receives a healthy and steady flow of traffic through the entire lifetime of the website.

How to Make Your Website Number 1 on Google…

To ensure that the results that show up are tip-top, Google have a series of “rules” (or factors) that determines which website appears at the coveted number 1 position, and which website gets buried at the bottom of the pile.

However… don’t panic! A lot of these rules are pretty straightforward and pretty fair too.

Google’s rules are there to protect legitimate business websites (like yours) to ensure that they appear towards to the top of the results, whilst those who play dirty end up getting ‘Google slapped’ (i.e. banned or penalised) from the Google results pages.

So when you ask “what is SEO is all about…” this is it in a nutshell; if you follow the rules and provide a high quality and relevant site, Google WILL reward you with a good position on their results pages.

So How Many Rules Are There in Total?

Around 200!

Yep… there are 200 factors that help determine where you appear in Google’s search results, and you can see each factor for yourself in this super-useful infographic I’ve found.


Now before you panic and jump off a cliff wondering how you’re possibly going to follow these 200 rules remember this…. chances are you’re probably already following around 75% of them. And once you start following all of them, you could possibly see a massive spike of traffic to your website in the coming months.

I’ll admit, the infographic is a biggy, but if you have a quick scan of the 200 factors, you’ll quickly understand what you need to do.

This Month, I’m Going To Take YOU On a Private Tour of Google and Show You How to Get to Page 1 of Google!

Think of this infographic as an overview, because this month, I’m taking you on a ‘Small Business Introductory Guide’ to the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This is part 1… and over the next several weeks I’m going to show you:

  • The key things you need to do on your website to keep the Googles happy!
  • What you can do on other websites to encourage high rankings.
  • What long-term activities you can do to keep your website ‘Google healthy’.

Don’t worry… SEO may seem a little overwhelming at first, but I promise you, once you’ve read my entire SEO guide, you’re going to see just how straightforward and logical it really is.

So I’ll see you next week where I start turning you into a SEO aficionado!


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