What is Google Product Search?

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It’s long been an ongoing quest of the small business owner to connect customers and products. You open a store, you start a website, you run a promotion. You know your products are great, but how do you make sure they’re seen by the masses?

While there isn’t any silver bullet solution, there is a new tool just launched in Australia that will help you, the small online retailer, make your products known. Introducing: Google Product Search.

In a typical Google search, when someone types in a product, say “organic cotton baby blanket” (or any other tangible item that can be sold via the web), your store is competing not only with every other online retailer that sells similar items, you’re also competing with discussion boards, review sites, and any other site with those keywords… regardless of whether they actually offer a product for sale!

Now with Google Product Search, when someone does a search for that baby blanket, they’ll have the option of narrowing the search down to only baby blankets available for purchase online, just by clicking the Shopping option from the lefthand navigation menu.

Even better, where that same baby blanket query would have previously turned up image results at the top of the search page, it will now show pictures and prices of items for sale.

What does this mean for you and your online store?

It means you’ll be able to add your products to Google’s Shopping database, which will help streamline you and your website to the front of any relevant search queries.

As a valued Web123 customer, over the next couple weeks we’ll be rolling out a way to set this up entirely for you, because you and your products are front-page worthy.


Tell us what you think of Google Shopping. Leave a comment below.


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