Website Statistics – Getting Analytical

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If you’ve got a website it’s pretty important to know how much it’s benefiting your business. If you’re spending money on SEO or AdWords you’ll want to know how much that money you’re spending is benefiting you. Most people can’t afford to just throw money online without knowing what it’s doing for them!

Website statistics allow you to work out:

  • How many people are visiting your website
  • Where those visitors came from
  • What they were looking for (if they came from a search engine)
  • How many pages they looked at before they left
  • Whether or not they bought anything or filled out any online forms

The great news is that a good Content Management System should give you all of this information, tracked from the moment your website went live to the public.

And the other great thing about Web123’s built-in site statistics is that we remove your administrator traffic from your stats. Including yourself in the statistics is not going to help you understand your customers!  So with Web123’s site statistics, that means that whether you are logged in as an admin or not, you won’t be polluting the numbers. The graphs will ignore you if you’re looking at your website from any computer you’ve ever logged in as an administrator from.

If you’ve got a Web123 website, then the ‘Statistics and Report’ area of your Web123 Control Panel will allow you to see graphs and tables about how many people visit your website (you can break down by year, month or even day) and how many pages they’re looking at: as well as how many sales or enquiries resulted!

You’ll be able to see how many people came through from Google, what keywords they might have been searching for to find you, or if they came through a social platform like Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll also be able to see how many sales or enquiries came through based on different search terms. And once you know which visitors bringing you the most sales, you’ll know where to focus your advertising budget!

Many Web123 customers find the in-built statistics give them more than enough information – and we’re always working to improve our stats. However, if you’re a stats junkie and you just can’t get enough information, the absolute best tool available for Website Statistics is Google Analytics – and it’s free!

Google Analytics gives you all of the information I’ve already talked about, but in more depth and there’s much more of it!

If you’re a Web123 client already and you want to wire up Google Analytics, it’s really easy for us to do so, so don’t hesitate to let us know so that you can start crunching those numbers.

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