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We’ve recently released a number of SEO products. We’ve got eBooks and SEO services. So which services are right for you?

Have a read through the following profiles and pick the one which feels most like you: then read the services we recommend!

I love learning how things work and I want to get in there and get my hands dirty! I find it really satisfying to work things out on my own and I get a real sense of acheivement when I do it all myself.

  • SEO for Beginners eBook
  • SEO in 30 days eBook

I’m on a tight budget and I can’t afford to pay an expert and I don’t have time to learn anything new. Can’t you just tell me exactly what to do?

  • SEO in 30 days eBook

I want to do it myself but I think I might need a bit of a boost to get me started…

  • Keyword Research & Competitor Spying Report
  • SEO in 30 days eBook

I don’t want (or don’t have time) to do it myself, but I don’t really want another ongoing monthly expense…

  • Flat Fee SEO

I’ve got my own business to run: Can’t you just do it for me?

  • Maximiser SEO Package

SEO for Beginners eBook

The SEO for Beginners eBook is a fabulous resource which will give you all the information you need to start lifting your results in the search engines. 30 pages of information and you’ll learn:

  • What is SEO and how search engines work.
  • The importance of quality content for SEO.
  • How to choose the right keywords to rank well.
  • Online tools to uncover the best keyword niche opportunities.
  • Commons mistakes most SEO newbies make.
  • The top 10 tips for SEO success plus much more!

The SEO for Beginners eBook is just $29 but if you’ve got a Web123 website just drop us a line and we’re happy to send you a FREE copy!

Also available bundled with the SEO in 30 days handbook for just $67.

SEO in 30 days Handbook

To be used with our without the SEO for Beginners eBook, the SEO in 30 days handbookwill give you a simple, practical outline for what you can do to improve your Google ranking within one month.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by theory and jargon – the SEO in 30 days handbook gives you a simple and straightforward task to do each day. It’s designed to be easy and not too time-consuming.

The handbook is $49 but once again if you’re an existing client we’d love to give it to you for free so just let us know!

Also available bundled with the SEO for Beginners eBook for just $67.

Keyword Research

It doesn’t make sense to be “at the top of Google” for a term which nobody ever searches on. Keyword Research is the process of working out which terms are going to be most profitable for you – with the best likelihood of success. A Keyword Research & Competitor Spying Report by our team will give you a huge boost with your DIY SEO and you’ll know you’re not spending your time on unprofitable terms.

Flat Fee SEO

Every website is different so we work with you to determine the best keyword choices and action required to get to page 1 of Google. With Flat Fee SEO You pay one low flat fee upfront and we’ll let you know how long we need to get you great results and what we’re going to do. After we’ve done our job, we’ll send you a detailed report of exactly what we did and you can watch your traffic soar! All for one low cost!

The cost will depend on your keywords and how competitive they are. Packages available for 1, 2 or 3 Keywords.

SEO Packages

We’ve a number of SEO Packages available starting from $299 per month for Web123 clients. Check out our Search Engine Optimisation Packages to find out which package will suit your business and your budget.


If you’re still not sure which product or products is right for you, send us a comment or give us a call!

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