Web123 Goes Mobile!

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These days, many of your customers have smartphones, which means they could be looking at your website from their phone… so we’re excited to announce that Web123 mobile websites are now available – and we’d love to hear if you want to switch yours on!

We’ll be rolling these out to everyone automatically very soon. We’re still working on getting the mobile shopping cart ready for the public but if you’re not selling online right now we can switch your mobile site on today!

Once your mobile website is up and running, it will automatically reflect any content changes you make to your website – you’ve just got the one set of content, but it will be reformatted for people looking at it from their phone.

Remember that like most add-ons we roll out to our clients this is absolutely free to all Web123 clients!

Want to go mobile today? Send us a comment, a ticket or an email letting us know you’d like us to activate your Mobile website and we’ll set it up!

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