Okay – this one’s strictly for the detail-heads. Your Web123 website has “Anchor Points”, which are points in your website layout where you can add “Feature Items”. An Anchor Point usually appears the same on all the pages on your website, although you may have a different set of anchor points just for your Homepage.

Generally, we roll out a design with the Feature Items that people have requested, but you might not know that there’s a larger list of items available. We’re working to make the full list available on the most popular designs first, but with so many items and designs it’s going to take us a while to get through them all!

We thought it’d be worth clarifying for reference everything that’s commonly available (there are a handful of odd/rare ones that aren’t in this list). Here we go:

Choose or upload an image to display in your anchor point (your website will resize it if it’s too big). You can set the image to link through to a page on your website or an external website, or just leave it as a static image.

Shopping Cart
This item displays the number of items someone has in their cart along with a check-out button.

Keyword Search
A search tool allowing your visitors to search the content on your website.

Login Form
If you’re using VIP pricing or a members area this item lets your visitors login (and logout when they’re done).

Subscription Form
Allows your visitors to sign up to your newsletter.

Category List
Shows a list of links for the top level of categories on your website.

Feature Text
Just a block of text where you can type whatever you like!

News List
A list of the most recent news items on your website with links through to the individual articles

Twitter Link
A widget which shows your latest tweets on twitter. On some websites and designs it is just a button which links to your twitter profile: If you’ve got the old version and want the new one just let us know!

Contact Button
A button which links people to your contact page and may show your phone number.

Contact Form
A form which allows people to get in touch with you

Single Line
A single line of text (generally used for a phone number or a tagline)

A set of links. These can be used to set up a footer with links for SEO purposes.

Upcoming Events
A list of upcoming events on your website. The list will automatically update to show events that are in the future.

Featured Page
If there’s a page that’s really important you can use this item to draw attention to it and link through to it.

Featured Product
Use this item to display popular products or something that’s on sale.

Social Media
A link through to your social media pages. The current services available are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

Facebook Button
A button which links through to your Facebook page.

Horizontal Slider
This item is only available for large anchor points but displays a list of products, categories or images with arrows to slide left and right to cycle through them.

Accepted Payment Methods
An item which shows the methods of payment you accept.

Facebook Feed
A box which shows the latest updates on your Facebook page.

Social Media Share
Allows your visitors to like your website on facebook, tweet a link, or share on Google+ or LinkedIn.

Displays client testimonials


If the full set of feature items isn’t available on your website and there’s something here that takes your fancy, just let us know and we’d be happy to drop it in for you ahead of schedule!

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