Web123 Clients: Here’s Your Chance to Win $1,000 Cash!

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We love all our Web123 clients. That’s why we’re giving away $1,000 CASH,  two Facebook design packages and five double passes to the movies! All we’re asking for is to hear why you LOVE Web123. It’s that simple!

One of the things we pride ourselves most on at Web123 are our super amazing, screaming, raving fans – YOU! You guys make it all worthwhile! So to keep sharing the love, we’re asking you to create a quick video telling the world why you love us.

All you have to do is flip out your phone or camera and record a short video on why you LOVE Web123. That’s it! Upload your video to the Web123 Facebook App here >> Voting will kick off shortly so share your entry with all your friends and family and encourage them to vote for you! The video with the most votes WINS!

What You Win!

The video with the most votes will WIN $1,000 cash! Plain and simple. The videos with the second and third highest number of votes will win a Web123 Facebook Design Package worth $399, if you already have a Facebook design you can exchange it for something else at Web123 for the same value.

Even better? EVERYBODY WINS! Every eligible video entry will get you $100 credit with Web123, just for entering.

Even if you’re not the video making type, don’t worry, there’s something for you too! We haven’t forgotten about all the voters either. Five lucky voters will be chosen at random to win double passes to the movies.

How to Enter: 8 Simple Steps:

  1. Develop your plan of action (Why do you love Web123?)
  2. Switch your phone into video mode
  3. Lights, camera, ACTION! Record your video
  4. Watch it and see if you like it
  5. Transfer the video to your computer
  6. Upload your video to our Facebook App
  7. Fill in your details and submit your entry
  8. Share your video!

Here are some more resources to help you out:

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Read our Essential Video Resources Blog Now >>

Want to see a Mock Entry? Check this out >>

If you’re completely lost, call us and we’ll happily help you!

Lost for words? Here’s some examples!

We don’t want to put words in your mouth. We already know you love us! Just say, in your own, honest words, what it is about Web123 that you love and why! If you need some prompts to get you started, here are a few questions that might help get your wheels turning:

  • Why did you choose Web123 in the first place?
  • What was life like before you had a Web123 website?
  • Tell us about your experience with your previous web design company versus now?
  • How did you find working with Web123 in getting your website live?
  • How do you find the support Web123 gives you?
  • What do you think of Web123’s pricing?
  • How long have you been a Web123 client and how well has your website performed in this time?
  • Are you relieved that your website is in the hands of Web123?
  • How has your Web123 website made a difference in your business?
  • Would you recommend Web123?


You can be as funny, quirky or serious as you like in your testimonial. Be creative! Just remember to tell us why you LOVE Web123 and that $1,000 prize could be YOURS!

Remember, we’ll give you $100 credit with Web123 just for entering, so get your cameras rolling!

Start uploading your videos today and get ready to start sharing them. Voting opens soon!

Good luck!

Want more information? Call Web123 on 1800 932 123 or contact us!

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