Web Marketing Online: 13 Ways to Market Your Small Business

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Are you looking for ways to improve your web marketing online? Do you want to get loads more traffic to your website? Of course you do! More traffic in most cases equates to more business and who doesn’t want that?

Marketing these days is about face-time and as we’re increasingly getting busier (some say the average female is hit with 4,000 messages on any given day) it’s getting harder and harder to get your message in front of the right people, and your brand remembered.

Let’s assume your website is ready for a stampede. You’ve got an opt-in form, great copy, good calls to action and a compelling offer. It’s the Myer stocktake sale but you just haven’t got the numbers queuing at the door yet. Ready?

Now let’s get off your website altogether and into web marketing online. Think of your website as the cash register, you still need to get them in the door first and that’s where the Internet world is your oyster.


Here are 13 ways to marketing your business online effectively:


1.   Search Engine Strategies

What’s the point in having a great website if no-one can find you? There are a lot of things to consider here. Firstly you want to have a killer ‘on page’ (on your website) search strategy, meaning you’ve done extensive keyword research, have correct Meta Page Titles and page descriptions and have compelling copy that’s been written for both your audience and search engines in mind.

Secondly, you should consider paying a professional to conduct Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for you. SEO is the process of making you appear on the first few pages of Google for certain keywords. This is termed ‘off page’ SEO and is primarily geared around getting backlinks to your site through publishing articles, submitting your site to directories and social bookmarking to name a few.

Having good on page optimisation is not always enough to pull in traffic because your keywords could be really competitive. As you can imagine, it’s extremely time consuming so you’re probably best spending your time doing what you’re good at and hiring a professional.


2.   Pay for online advertising with PPC

PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’ and can be a good tactic if you want some instant traffic. Advertising still serves a purpose and especially if it’s a well targeted campaign.

Paying for clicks is a lot more cost effective than paying for a TV, newspaper or radio campaign and its results are a lot more measurable. Plus, you can change it on the fly, try new ad copy, test different key phrases and pause it whenever you want. Unlike traditional media, you can also get great reporting and analytics to study and improve constantly.

Follow this link to set up a Google Adwords PPC campaign.


3.   Create a Facebook Page for Business

If you’re new to Facebook for business, check out our blog post Creating a Facebook Page For a Business. There are many advantages to having a presence of Facebook. Most importantly it gives you a way to informally network with others without doing the hard sell. It allows you to be a person instead of a business, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through on your Facebook page.

Also see 15 Ways to Use Facebook in Business


4.   If your audience is tweeting, try Twitter

One of the first things you’ll notice is that no-one wants to be ‘sold to’ or ‘marketed’ to on Twitter. That said though, there is a world of opportunity ready for the picking if you get smart about it and do it right. Twitter is an excellent forum for talking to your clients (or prospective clients) about your business or industry.

Twitter can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. It’s a challenge to get in a rhythm and find your mojo on Twitter, but you also have to be careful not to get too caught up in the streams of 140-character stories and waste time too.

Most importantly, develop a strategy, set aside blocks of time and be consistent with your approach. If you’re new to Twitter, contact us for our Twitter for Business Short Course.


5.   Get connected on LinkedIn

If you sell to other businesses (B2B) then you definitely want to be on LinkedIn! It’s more than just a place to publish your resume and past work experience. There’s Questions & Answers where you can demonstrate you’re an expert or ask a question you need answers to.

You can also join relevant groups to network with others in your industry. Then there’s also the ability for you to link to articles and content posted elsewhere like blog posts, with a summary of why it’s valuable to add to your credibility. That’s just a taste, jump on and see for yourself.


6.   Facebook & LinkedIn PPC Ads

What could be better than honing in with pinpoint accuracy (kind of) on the exact people you want to do business with? It’s far better than the ‘spray and pray’ approach that most traditional media offers.

Facebook has lots of targeting options to help you choose exactly who you want to advertise to so that you’re only paying for the eyeballs you want. You can target by location, age and birthdays, gender, education, connections and even interests they post in their profile.

Similarly, on LinkedIn you can target by job title and function, by industry and company size, by age or by groups your audience might be a member of.


7.   Give the tried and tested Article Marketing tactic a go

One of the oldest and best ways of web marketing online is article marketing. If you want to achieve maximum effectiveness, target ‘long-tail’ keywords. This is because it’ll make your articles more optimised therefore ranking higher on Google.

Be sure to come up with a compelling title and keep your articles to 300-500 words.

You can submit your articles to high-ranking article directories like Ezine Articles, Goarticles, Buzzle and eHow. By doing this you get high quality backlinks to your site and can easily get a ton of new traffic. eHow alone gets over 65,000,000 monthly visitors!


8.   Become a blogger (not just for yourself)

Last week I wrote about the Pros & Cons of a Business Blog to illustrate just how many benefits can be had business blogging – and, of course, to also make you aware of the pitfalls. Not only can you attract a substantial amount of traffic and new subscribers, but you can become a guest blogger for others and leverage off their success.

Get selective and pick the right blogs that already talk to your audience by the masses and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can grow your own audience.


9.   Build your list and do email marketing

Email marketing or ezines or EDM (meaning Electronic Direct Mail) is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to drive traffic back to your site. Period. One of your highest priorities as a website owner is to build your list. Did you hear that? I said build your list.

You should have a complete strategy outlining the tactics you’re going to use for list building. The money is in the list. Treat it like gold too, promise to take good care of it and in most cases, when you send out an email campaign, you will make money.


10.   Get creative with Content Marketing

Create great content like eBooks, checklists, infographics, studies, research reports, webinars, audios, podcasts, etc you name it. If you create great content you can not only use it as bait and get people to opt-in to your list (in other words give you their email address in exchange for your content) but you also make your content shareable.

People want to share great content. Get other people to do your marketing for you. What could be better than that?!


11.   Frequent the Forums

Forums are a great way to learn off your peers, solve problems and be part of a discussion online. Web forum commenting is often overlooked but can also be a successful way of generating traffic to your website if you include a link to your site – so long as it’s relevant to the discussion.

You should frequent forums relevant to your niche as part of your online web marketing strategy. Although not as good as blog or article links, forum links can still play an important role in gaining backlink popularity for your site.


12.   You don’t need to be Spielberg to do Video

Can’t find your own website in Google search? Videos can help. Forrester Research reports that an indexed video has a 50 times greater chance of appearing on the first page of search results than a page of text.

Videos are the perfect lure to draw traffic to your site and increase your online visibility. For more info on getting into video marketing, read 6 Ways to Get Started in Video Marketing Online


13.   Advertise using Display Ads

Display ads are just like placing magazine ads but on websites. You can be fairly targeted in your approach in the sense that, unlike PPC where you’re targeting users that are specifically looking for what you offer, you can reach high potential customers who are not yet looking for what you sell, but who are engaging with content specifically related to what you offer.

With Google Display Ads, you can create non-text ads that use images, Flash, video and other technologies to grab your audience’s attention. Even if your audience don’t click these ads, they will see your brand which is helping build awareness so this can be a highly lucrative vehicle for traffic and also brand awareness if done right.


There are so many ways to effectively marketing your web business online. I wanted to write lots more but it was getting too long I wasn’t sure I’d hold your attention for another 13 ideas. So stay tuned for Part II of this series.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so be patient. Develop a 12-month plan using a combination of these tactics and make the most of your web marketing online.

There’s nothing ground-breaking in this blog post but hopefully it will open your eyes to simple tactics that can bring a huge amount of opportunities. Keep plugging away and the traffic (and profits) will be sure to follow.

What are your thoughts on web marketing online in today’s world? Leave us a comment in the box below.

If you need help with your web marketing online, check out our huge range of affordable web marketing services. Or call us today on 1800 932 123.

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