Upcoming Workshop: Killer Steps to Doing Better Business Online.

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With a limited budget and not enough hours in the day, how is any small business owner expected to run their business and spend the suggested 80% of their time on sales and marketing?

Your to-do list keeps growing and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising. Your website isn’t producing the leads you’d hoped for and you wonder what else can be done.

It’s a common situation that I come across every day. Business owners are struggling to keep on top of everything and although they realise they need an online presence, they just don’t know where to start – it’s too overwhelming.

What I get a kick out of is delivering the happy ending. Showing people that this whole online thing can be mastered by us all and it doesn’t take a degree in marketing or web design. I love showing small business owners how they can turn around their business in weeks, not months. Business owners now have a new support crew on board and can start winning some online races.

After being invited to speak at conferences and workshops by several industry groups and organisations and seeing people light up as they finally understood what all the fuss was about, I thought it was time to bring these tips and strategies out in the open for all to enjoy.

In this workshop, find out how to tie all the pieces together with your overall online marketing strategy so you can make sense of the madness and reap huge financial rewards. Creating a website is just the first part of doing business online – you need a solid strategy to generate and convert leads if you’re to truly reap the rewards of your hard work.

We know how challenging all this can be. It’s taken us years to master the process! To help your business build an online strategy, we’ve created a 1-day intensive workshop covering everything from Websites to Ecommerce, Marketing and Social Media. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to stand out from the masses online with irresistible design & content

  • How to target and attract the perfect customers to your site, convert them to sales andgrow your business

  • Step-by-step formula to create 101 Content Ideas in 60 Minutes or less
  • Expert tips for achieving real, profitable results from your website
  • Proven tricks to get your clients buzzing about your business on social media

  • How to get (and keep!) your business two steps ahead of the competition with simple SEO strategies

  • Essential Google tools for boosting your business online
  • Killer Tips to Selling Products Online

Register Now

If your website isn’t making your business the big money it deserves, you can’t afford to miss this event. It’s time to start enjoying the opportunities online success can bring to your business.

I’d love to help you find your happy ending so make the commitment today. Spend a day working on your future business success and watch your business take off at warp-factor seven past your competitors.

The next workshop will be held in Canberra on Monday 30th AprilRegister now!

Can’t make it to Canberra? Let me know in the comments where you would like our next workshop to be run.

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