The Great Blogger Search: 4 Places to Find Great Blog Writers for Your Website

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Our blog has helped us bring a lot of traffic to Web123, and I want you to experience the same success with yours!

Unfortunately…. there are only so many hours in the day.  

I get it. It’s okay. I struggle too on most weeks. It can be quite dizzying knowing how much content we need to produce on a daily basis. However despite the quantity, each blog deserves multiple hours of love, and the reality is that I personally don’t have  the time to give each page the attention it deserves.

So how do you ensure you retain a high quality for your blog copy?

Hire someone to help you or delegate it to a member of your staff! By providing a detailed brief for what you want to achieve with each blog, then hiring and delegating some of the work, you can free up more of your time to work on high-value tasks.

Now let’s get one thing straight before I go any further…

A blog you write will 9 times out of 10 be BETTER than one you outsource or delegate, great blogs are written in your voice and tell your personal stories. A hired blogger can’t tell stories for you so if you can make the time, I totally recommend you do it yourself.

But, I’m a realist. I know you’re flat stick most days and finding the time to blog can be daunting, if not downright impossible.

The truth of the matter is though that Google loves content. Your visitors love content. You need to publish content to get traffic to your website. And you need to run a business. So sometimes, we just gotta get smart with our time… and delegate!

So if hiring a writer to help you with your blogs floats your boat, here’s where to find them.

The key to being a successful business owner is knowing when to do the job yourself and when to entrust it to someone who (a) has the time and (b) specialises in that job.

If it’s something that is only you can really write about, that requires you tell a story or give a specific opinion based on your expert knowledge, then just do it yourself and have more generic blogs written for you.

That’s where professional blog writers come in.

1) ProBlogger: The brainchild of business speaker and blogger extraordinaire Darren Rowse, ProBlogger was created to not only guide and advise the next generation of bloggers, but also as a way to bring the best professional bloggers to businesses everywhere.


With ProBlogger, you basically write a job ad for the specific type of blogger you want to add to your team. You pay $50 to post your ad for a month which will get out of some of the best blogging talent on the plant, then sit back and review your applicants.


2) iWriter: iWriter has one mission in its life; to empower businesses owners like yourself to get access to thousands of copywriters and blog writers effortlessly. It has never been easier to match the right blogger personality to the tone of your blog thanks to iWriter.


On iWriter, you can find professional blog writers ranging from $15 per blog up to $100+ depending on the quality you’re after. You can order a batch of say 5 blogs at a time, pick the quality of blog you’re after, write your brief, tell them your keywords for each blog and see who responds.

iWriter also has a rating system so you can choose to have your projects shown only to writers with 5 stars so you know you’re not going to get stuffed around with poor quality.

You also have 3 days from when your blog is presented to you to either accept it or reject it if it’s not what you had in mind. Obviously you don’t need to pay for rejected blogs so it’s a good safety net to have if you’re worried about them not being up to your standards.


3. Elance: Elance is one of the best places you can find freelancers for a wide variety of jobs, and that includes for bloggers and copywriters.


Elance is great, as every blog writer is reviewed by people who have previously used their services, so you can ensure you get a blog copywriter deserving of your business.


4. Guru: Guru has a section dedicated to just bloggers, and the best bit is that they seem to have a lot of Australian bloggers who specialise in specific areas.


So far I’ve seen bloggers for films, comic books, politics and even roofing and building services! So if you run a website that is fairly niche, check out Guru!

Before you go, I want to leave you with a few tips to consider before your embark on your great blogger search!

Okay, so you’ve decided to take a plunge and get yourself a blogger to take the load off and allow you to focus your intense entrepreneurial building energies into growing your business. Awesome!

First of all, congratulations! This decision will pay off BIG TIME in the long run. It’s not always easy, but letting go and passing on key responsibilities like blogging will allow you to grow your business in the long run.

Before you get that new blog writer onboard, let me share some words of wisdom with you:

  • Discuss fees upfront: It sounds a bit obvious, but make sure you always understand (in writing!) how your blogger’s fees work.Do they charge per word? Do they charge a flat fee? Do they charge for additional changes? Make sure you know up front so that you don’t get any nasty surprises down the line.
  • Write a detailed brief for your new blogger: The more detail you send your new blogger the better. Don’t just say “I want a blog on….”, really give your copywriter LOTS of information on what you want even if it’s a bullet point outline of what you want to cover in each post.Does your copy need to sound promotional / professional / chatty / friendly / analytical / Australian / American / etc? This is the worst thing you can overlook and can cost you if you don’t find a writer with the right voice.
  • Don’t worry too much about geography: Although I’m a big fan of supporting Australian bloggers, there’s a whole wide world out there. Don’t feel pressured into using just Australian writers, unless of course you specifically need a writer with a specific knowledge of Australian culture.In fact it can be beneficial to have a few blog writers based abroad who can literally write your next blog overnight. Imagine sending off the brief in the evening and having your new blog waiting for you the minute you walk into work in the morning? Not bad huh? 🙂
  • Be specific with your feedback: You might find that the first few articles needs some changes made and a bit of back and forth but if you give incredibly detailed feedback you’ll find that before too long, changes will be less and less. Once they know what you want, likely they will nail the tone, style and voice for all subsequent work perfectly.
  • Trust your instincts: Ultimately this is the number one rule! You’ll know if you’re dealing with bloggers from hell when you start your initial conversations. Not convinced that they are the person for you? Then move on! There are a lot of talented blog writers out there waiting for your work. Always trust those butterflies!

Remember, you’ll never be able to grow your business unless you start trusting others to reduce your workload, and what better place to start then with your blog writing.

By bringing aboard a competent blogger to help keep the content of your website and blog fresh and busy, I guarantee that you’ll be able to use that extra time to make your business bigger AND better.

Best of luck with your great blogger search! And if you’re a Web123 client and need help nutting out your blog strategy or help writing your website copy, get in touch and our team of writers can help.

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And if you need any more help when talking with your new blog writer, then why not read this earlier blog I’ve written on Writing the Perfect Web Copy Every Time.

What do you think? Do you use copywriters and bloggers to support your business? Sound off below, I’d love to hear from you about it. 

Share your comments below.

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