The first step to higher keyword rankings

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Welcome to SEO month! This is the first in our March series on how to bump up your rankings and score more traffic.

It’s SEO month, woo hoo!

So each week in March we’ll send you heaps of tips and tools to get your rankings up and get more traffic.

It should be pretty obvious why you want your website to get in the top 5 results for your keywords. Together they take 87% of ALL the search traffic and that’s a bloody big pile of potential customers you’re gonna want!

So, the first step to winning the Google war is to know where you are and where your main competitors are. To do this you’ll need to do some basic keyword 101, build a spreadsheet.

Your task for this week:  

1. FIRST, I want you to go through your site and in an Excel spreadsheet, list each page in your structure then next to it, list the keyword or phrase you’re targeting for each page.(Tip: focus on just 1-2 per page.)

2. NEXT, I want you to list what your current keyword rank is for each one in a new column. You can get this data from your site statistics or Google Webmaster Tools. (Don’t have Webmaster tools setup yet? Well congrats, you just scored yourself an extra task for this week. Don’t worry, you can thank me later!)

Here’s a screen grab of what I mean:

I know you’re busy so you can download this template here>>

3. THEN, keep an eye on your inbox next Tuesday when I share my super cool, monster link building resource because we’re gonna start upping your rank for each of your keywords, one page at a time!

Is all this keyword guff new to you? If you haven’t chosen and implemented your website’s keywords yet, download our free guide now to talk you through the steps…

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