The 2 big questions that’ll make OR break your site

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When someone lands on your website for the first time, there are two questions they’re going to ask that will make or break your website.

Just to turn the pressure up even more, they’re going to deciding the answers to these 2 big questions… in about 4 seconds.

If you aren’t happy with the leads and contacts you get out of your website, perhaps you aren’t answering those questions properly.

Want to know what those questions are?

  1. Do I like your site, or will I leave? (about 1 second to decide)
  2. Do you have what I need, or will I leave? (about 3 seconds to decide)

Researchers from Northumbria University confirmed that the look and feel of the website is the main driver of first impressions. So to deal with question #1 you’ll need to start with a professional, clean design.

To answer question #2 you need to optimise your homepage.

You must ensure it’s got all the right elements to quickly tell your visitor you DO have what they need… and how they can get it. One of the ways you do that is with a strong call to action.

Your 10 minute task for today:

  1. Decide what your PRIMARY call to action is.
  2. Then make sure it’s as clear as day on your homepage, or in other words, stands out like a 4-ft pimple on the end of your nose!
  3. If it’s not clear, quickly go and make this change now or request your designer gets on the job ASAP.
  4. See if your conversion stats improve… I bet they will.


There are 31 touch-points of a successful homepage and that was just one of them. To learn all the others check out our blog:

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