Seven quick ways to increase your Facebook likes

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Like me, like me, LIKE me! We show you how to attract more Facebook love.

Did you know 50% of Facebook fans prefer brand pages to company websites? Not just that, but 69% of Facebook users have liked a brand just because a friend did (source: Lab42), so you gotta like likes!

Here’s seven quick ways to increase your Facebook likes: 

  1. Use visuals: Photos generate 53% more likes than an average post.
  2. Launch contests: Contests encourages likes and shares (check out Offerpop, they make running FB contests easy).
  3. Offer a discount for a ‘like’.
  4. Highlight your staff: Your business becomes real and likeable.
  5. Be funny: If you make them laugh, you’ll make them like (and if you’re not funny, steal from people who are!).
  6. Facebook Ads: Spending even $5 a day could net you a handful of new likes (i.e. new fans) each day.
  7. Promoted Posts costs moolah but it can ensure your most likeable posts reach more of your fan’s newsfeeds… and more of your fan’s friends too.

How to avoid an ‘unlike’: Don’t overpost and clutter your fan’s newsfeed… we’ve all been guilty of that from time to time!

And if you’d like to read about a Web123 client’s real-world experience doing her own Facebook ads, have a squiz at ‘How I created my own ads on Facebook!’

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