Poor Blog Numbers? 9 Secret Tricks to Dramatically Increase Your Visitors

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Without a doubt, the biggest challenge that blog writers have is getting people through the door of your blog in the first place.

Previously we talked about how to get people to return time and time again, so today I’m going to show you 9 quick ideas on how to promote your website to a whole host of potential customers.

1) Promote your posts on Facebook:

Here at Web123 we have a full Facebook strategy, where we detail exactly what type of posts we publish and time they go up. However if you don’t have the time for a full complete Facebook posting strategy, then you should at least create a Facebook page just to update your Facebook followers with your amazing blogs.

In addition to that, you can also promote your Facebook posts for a small daily fee to drive new readers to your blog.

We’ve written an in depth guide to promoting your business and blog on Facebook which you can read here.


2) Use Twitter too!

When you talk about promoting on Facebook, you need to talk about promoting on Twitter too.

Many people love the ease and convenience of following blog authors on Twitter, especially when you develop yourself as an expert in your industry.

Don’t forget to use #hashtags to help new readers find your content more easily, and perhaps even consider putting a little money into advertising them through Twitter’s official advertising program.

Find out more about advertising on Twitter by clicking here.

3) Visually stun your readers on Pinterest


Pinterest might not be the most popular social media platform, BUT it still packs a powerful punch.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s basically a visual pin board for people to share photos, images and blogs which they find online.

Instagram is perfect if your blogs have a strong visual components; fashion, graphic design, interior design…. that sort of thing.

By running an official Pinterest profile, people can share your strong visuals and in turn encourage new readers to visit your blog.

New to Pinterest? Don’t worry a lot of people still are, but they’ve got a great beginner’s video you can watch here…

Watch: Beginner’s Introduction to Pinterest in 90 Seconds

4) LinkedIn

Often seen as the ‘forgotten stepchild’ of social media, it’s important that you don’t overlook LinkedIn. Although it’s not for everyone, the truth is that if a lot of your potential prospects are also your connections on LinkedIn, it can be worth posting on LinkedIn so that they are exposed to your content too.

Just like Facebook, you can post your blog post as your own personal update (located on the homepage when you first login).

In addition to that, you can find LinkedIn Groups via the search bar along the top of the LinkedIn member’s area. Just too only promote relevant and informative information in these groups… if you push content that is too promotional, you’ll quickly find your content being deleted.

5) Banner advertising

Just like your website, you can also use banners to promote your blog. However it is important that you are careful about how you promote your blog.

We had a great deal of success in the past of promoting our various email collection offers (you can find out more about these offers by reading our blog ‘4 Reasons Why I Know Your Blog Readers Will Return Time & Time Again’).

We found this was a great way to drive people to our blog, because we would get them to sign up for our mailing list, and then re-invite them to our blog via email every time a new blog was promoted.

Once you’ve created your banner ad, you can then use a website like buysellads.com to quickly identify the perfect places to advertise your banner quickly and easily.

6) Use Google Pay Per Click to drive immediate traffic to your site

First of all, let us say that if you go down this path to keep a close eye on the stats for your blog to ensure you are getting enough business to justify the expense of running a PPC campaign (well… you should be doing that with any marketing activity really), because we’ve seen this have mixed result depending on the blog.

However when it does work, it works really well!

The main drawback however is that if you want to use Google PPC to promote your blog then you will need to write for the key terms people of searching for.

For example, if you are a mechanic, you may notice that a large number of people search for “how to change a tyre on a land rover”, and therefore you may want to write and promote content for that search term.

If you don’t mind being dictated by what your customers are searching for, it can be a really effective strategy for you.

We have an indepth blog post here about Guest Blogging which will take you through the do and don’ts of how to embrace this powerful marketing tool.

9) Blog directories

Finally make sure you appear on all the key blog directories. Depending on the industry that you are in, there will be a varying number of directories out there that you can promote your blog on.

To find these blog directories is remarkably simple….

  1. Go to www.google.com.au
  2. Search for “[your industry] blogs” and “[your industry] blog directories”.

Yes it really is that simple! Go through the Google search results (first 5 to 8 pages) and see where people are finding blogs in your industry, and where possible, join those directories.

Do you need a blog on your Web123 site? It’s surprisingly very affordable and can boost your income significantly!

Don’t forget that all Web123 websites can include blog functionality, so if you need a blog incorporated, drop us a line and we will help get you setup.

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