Planning for online success (Pt 3)

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Business planning is easy if you know how. Read Bianca’s practical tips for getting started here…

Hi guys,

I’ve been talking a lot about motivation, not sweating the small stuff and 2013 New Year’s business resolutions. I thought I’d touch on a few practical tips.

But first, if I asked you what your number 1 biggest business goal was… could you tell me? Do you know where you want to be in 5 years? These are the crucial questions you must have answers to. Otherwise your business is going to be floating down the river without a rudder.

Want to know how to make your goals a reality? 

What really works for me is to spend 30 mins every morning when I first wake up to visualise how my big business goal needs to be, how it should look and what I need to achieve it.

This technique focuses my mind on the big picture AND the tasks of the day. It reminds me that every humdrum, boring task I might need to do is just a step taking me closer to my 5 year goal. It really reduces my procrastination levels and I get more done… and I feel good about it!

Remember, if you plan your big goal, plan the tasks needed to get there, and THEN you make sure most days are spent doing those tasks… that 5 year goal will be a breeze. Seriously, how do you think Web123 came about in the first place? 🙂




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