Planning For Online Success (Pt 1)

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Here’s some simple advice for getting motivated and smashing your 2013 business goals…


Will 2013 be a year of doing or a year of worrying?

Happy 2013!  Most people are back to work this week. How do you feel? Refreshed? Ready? Raring to go? I know I am!

I love what I do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed or overwhelmed sometimes. Web123 has some pretty big plans for 2013 and, being the perfectionist I am, I want it all to be amazing and that can sometimes feel bigger than Ben Hur.

What I learnt a few years back is that a good plan makes all the difference.

So if you find yourself worrying about what 2013 will bring your business; if you feel your wheels are turning but you’re getting nowhere, stop!

Invest in yourself by taking the time to create a 2013 master plan.

Take stock of where you are, and decide on where you want to go.

Create bite-sized milestones and make sure you reward yourself when you smash them!




P.S. Want to keeping reading? Here is part 2, ‘
Don’t sweat the small stuff‘.

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