Our Web123 Video!

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It’s so easy to create a video, so we took the liberty to provide you with an example of what our own testimonial would look like.

Watch our video now!

Our video isn’t flawless and we didn’t hire any actors, we just used our crew and made the video fun and entertaining for everyone.


To give you an idea of how we created our video, let’s go through the 8 simple steps:

1. Develop your plan of action (Why do you Love Web123?)

Sarah and Pete put their heads together and wrote up a funny script for everyone, it only took them 15 minutes!

2. Switch your phone into video mode

Because we knew we would want to make more videos (because we LOVE them) we went and bought a brand new video camera called Sony Bloggie, it was only $150!

3. Lights, camera, ACTION! Record your video

At 3pm on a Friday afternoon, we got all the Web123 crew together, gave them beer and chips and proceeded to film our funny video testimonial.

4. Watch it and see if you like it

We completed the video in a few takes, but it only took us an hour to do in total. The main part is that everyone was having a blast!

5. Transfer the video to your computer

We plugged the USB into the computer and transferred the video from the camera into the appropriate folder. We know we said you don’t have to edit your video, but we did, Pete our design guru did some chopping and cutting and…. Ta Da!

6. Upload your video to our Facebook App

We uploaded our video to our blog and onto our Facebook app so everyone could see it! We love it! Do you?

7. Fill in your details and submit your entry

We didn’t need to do this, but this is the easy bit for you all to do.

8. Share your video!

We’re sharing our video right now with you 🙂
Did this help you out? Have we brought any ideas to your mind?
Remember, your video doesn’t have to be flawless, we just want you to have fun! If you run into any problems, just give us a call on 1800 932 123.

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