Our Secret Trick to Building a Profitable Email List

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We increased our conversions 500% with this one tactic.

And we have at least 50 new people joining our newsletter every week because of it too. Find out how you can use this idea for YOUR business.

Let’s just take a moment to talk about why we want to do build an email list in the first place. It’s because not every visit is going to result in an instant sale or a request for a quote. If someone finds you online then chances are, in just a few short moments, they’ll be off and surfing somewhere else.

You have to grab them fast and you have to grab them hard with something REALLY compelling.

You need an offer so compelling that they’ll give you their email address in return for it.  Why? Because it takes 8 to 10 points of contact before your visitor converts to a sale.


But how do you get their email?

It’s called LEAD BAIT.

Some people might call it a bribe, but I like to call it lead bait. It just sounds nicer. And here is why bribery is important…

Take a moment to think about your own emails. You know how clogged up your own email box is, right? Well your web visitors have exactly the same problem. You need something REALLY valuable to get them to agree to receive emails from you.

If you want to create a profitable email list you MUST promise them compelling content in exchange for a sign-up… and then you need to follow through on that promise!

Always remember that they are weighing up the pain of giving you their details in exchange for the value they’ll receive. So before they sign up, you need to be clear on the value they’ll be receiving and they’ll want to know how OFTEN they’ll receive your emails.

You should also be offering them something they can download for free in exchange for their details as well as just getting a helpful email.

So, remember what I asked you to do last week? What are those things your clients really want to know about? What would be valuable to them? Did you get creative?


What to do with your new lead bait.

Whether it’s a webinar, an ebook, a report or a cheat sheet… it doesn’t matter as long as it hits the sweet spot that gets your web visitor excited. Consider it a bribe if you like, but that bribe can’t be INSTEAD of the great email value you’re offering, it just needs to be a sweetener.

Let’s assume for a second I was a pet store owner. I’d create an eBook that tells them how to choose the best type of dog for their lifestyle. And then, at the top of my homepage, and on every internal page, I’d be promoting my helpful newsletter that has great weekly training and dog care tips and as a BONUS giveaway for signing up they can have the eBook for free. If I was a dog lover I’d sure give my details away for that!

What do you do when you get their details?

I’ll go into this in more detail next week. But, for now, I can tell you what you’re NOT doing. You’re not selling! Nope, you’re solving their problems, you’re never selling.

We don’t push hard sells on our readers, and neither should you.

Always remember that you’re only being allowed in their inbox because you’re solving their problems. It’s OK to drive them back to your website for more tips and tricks, but start being too salesy and you’ll lose them.

Be confident that when the time comes that they want a dog (for example) that they’ll think of you. That you’ll have built up enough trust that they’ll consider your business. That’s all you can ask for.


Your 10 minute task for this week:

  • Using the list you created of things your customers want to know about, write down 10 useful email topics that you could write about. Nothing too complex. Just quick, short pieces of valuable advice they might want to know. Emails aren’t novels!

Here’s a BONUS email-building tip…

Sometimes growing your email list could be as simple as changing your heading on your call to action.

As an example, a few years back we changed our newsletter’s call to action from ‘join our newsletter’ to ‘get free weekly advice’. We told them exactly what they were going to get, and guess what? Overnight our email conversion rate went up 3600%. Yes that much!

So how would YOU like that sort of growth?


Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we look at more ways to get a better return from email marketing!

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