New Websites, Domains, Hosting and Octopuses… How to get your new website online

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So you’ve got a new website, you’ve even got all of your content, products and images in place! So now it’s time to flick the switch and GO LIVE!

But what’s involved in getting your website from a staging address (The address that we put a website on for you to work on it before it’s visible to the general public) onto your domain so that you can start ranking in Google and Tweeting and FaceBooking about your great new website?

It’s really disappointing when someone’s ready for their website to go up but they need to wait for domains and passwords and transfers. The good news is that if you start thinking about these things early then we can make sure that everything goes quickly and smoothly when the big Go-Live day rolls around.

What’s in a name? Or: Renting an Octopus.

You can buy a website before you know where you want to ultimately put it, but eventually you’ll need an address to put your website on. Almost all of the time you’ll have your owndomain and your web address might look something like this.

In that case your domain is

To get a domain you need to register it. You won’t be able to register the same name that someone else has already got, and in order to register a domain you’ll need to have an ABN and the name will need to closely relate to your business name or your operations. Generally you’ll register your domain for 2 years and every 2 years you’ll need to pay your domain registrar to keep your domain. It’s not usually a lot – If you purchase a domain through Web123 it’s just $49 for 2 years and it’s often an included part of our Website Packages.

How does this affect “Going Live”?

1. I haven’t registered a domain yet – what should I do?

If you haven’t yet bought your domain I highly recommend that you buy your domain through Web123 – our prices are very competitive but most importantly it means that Web123 will already have all the information we need to get your website up and going.

2. I registered my domain through Web123

Great! We’ll already have the information we need to put your website on your domain.

3. I registered my domain though another company. Can I still put my website on my domain?

Absolutely! It’s not compulsory to register your domain through Web123. You can register your domain through whatever company you like (and if you’ve had a website previously, you’ve probably already got a domain registered). You have two options

A.  Leave your domain where it is – you’ll pay this other company (probably once every 2 years) to keep your domain. You’ll just need to remember to pay this bill when it arrives. It’s only once every 2 years so make sure you remember what it is when it comes up for renewal!

If you’re leaving your domain with your current registrar you’ll probably need some log-in details that your registrar might have provided when you registered the domain initially. Make sure you have those!

B. Transfer your domain to Web123. You’ll pay Web123 $49 every 2 years for your domain and we can deduct it off your credit card for you.

In order to transfer your domain to Web123 you’ll need to have access to the email address that was used when the domain was initially registered. If you’re not sure what that is, and you’re a Web123 customer, we can help you find out.

It’s really important to make sure that the octopus lease is under your name!

Whether you leave your domain with your current domain registrar or you transfer it over to Web123 it’s very important that your domain is registered under your name. If your domain is registered under someone else’s name then it might be a little trickier to for you to get access to it if you don’t have, or if you misplace, the appropriate passwords. It’s surprisingly common for a domain to be registered under the name/email address of

  • A previous business owner – you’ve bought the business from someone else but the domain is still in their name.
  • A previous web host – some web companies will register domains under their own name instead of yours.
  • An IT consultant – you engaged the services of someone to help you out with some web services and they put their details in when they registered the domain
  • An ex-employee – this person no longer works for you
  • It’s your name but out of date details – an old email address that you no longer have access to

If any of the above apply to you there may be some small delay in getting your website live on your domain – so it’s best to get this stuff sorted out sooner rather than later.

Note: If you bought your domain through a provider other than Web123 we might not be able to help you redelegate or transfer your domain. We’ll always do our best but sometimes that other company won’t talk to Web123 and some companies are easier to deal with than others.

So when you register your domain it’s like renting an octopus. You pay an ongoing fee and while you keep paying, the octopus is yours. So now that you’ve got an octopus… where on earth are you going to put it?

The Octopus’s Arms.

So before we get too much into what DNS hosting is, lets talk a bit about Octopuses (Contrary to popular belief, the plural of octopus is not octopi. It’s Octopuses).

Octopuses, as you know, have 8 arms. Your domain doesn’t have any arms. But if your domain DID have arms then you’d be able to choose where those arms were pointing.

If your Domain ( was an Octopus you’d have the “Website” arm which would point to your website at And an “Email” arm which would point to your email ( And you might have a VPN arm or other websites on sub-domains or all sorts of things that the other arms could point to (Most people just use these two arms – but some people use several of them)

So if you’re a Web123 Customer you’ll need your domain-octopus to point its website arm to Web123. And if you have email with Web123 you’ll want the Email arm to point to Web123 too.

In this blog post I’m only going to talk about Website Hosting and Email Hosting. You might need your octopus to point to some other services too. If you move your octopus without pointing all of the arms correctly, you might break some things so make sure you double check before you change anything!

Website Hosting

When I talk about website hosting I’m talking about what servers your Website actually sits on. If your website was a monkey, then website hosting would be the enclosure that you put your monkey in. When someone types your web-address into their address bar the request will go out via their ISP. They’ll find your octopus and work out where the Website-Arm is pointing… they’ll follow that arm and go to visit your Website Monkey.
Do I have to host my Web123 Website with Web123?

Yes. You can rent your octopus off anyone you like, but you’ll need to house your monkey with Web123. A Web123 Website just won’t work if it’s not hosted with Web123.

Email Hosting

When somebody emails it doesn’t just go straight to your computer. Your friend or customer will send the email via their outgoing server. Their outgoing mail server will find your octopus and follow the email arm to your email host. An email host is like your very own post-office where you have a post-office box for each email box you have. The email will sit in your post-office box until your computer comes to pick it up for you.
Do I have to host my email with Web123?

Hosting your email with Web123 is not compulsory, but if you have a Web123 website then email hosting won’t cost you any extra. But if you’ve got an exchange server or you’re using G Suite and really happy with it then you might want to just leave things as they are – and that’s more than fine. You’ll just need to let us know. Or if you have an IT company who looks after a number of your IT services and you want them to host your email, that’s cool too!

The only important thing is that if Web123 is holding your octopus, you let us know where the email-arm should point.


Other Services

There are innumerable “Other Things” you might have on your domain. VPN. Sub-Domains. If you don’t know what they are then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. But it doesn’t hurt to check, so if you’re not sure please let us know so that we can point you in the right direction.

So if you’re a Web123 customer we know that the Website Arm of your Octopus needs to point to Web123. Maybe your Email Arm too. And you might not be using any of the other Octopus arms.

Redelegating your Domain and Holding your Octopus.

Once your domain is Registered you’ll need to delegate it to some name servers. If you bought your domain through Web123 it will already be delegated to Web123’s name servers.

So if Registering a Domain is like Renting an Octopus, delegating your domain is sort of likeworking out who is going to hold your Octopus.

And if all of the arms that you’re using are pointing to Web123… well it makes sense for us to hold the octopus for you (it doesn’t cost you any extra whether Web123 holds your octopus or not). This means you’ll delegate your domain to Web123’s name servers.

But if you have an IT company who looks after your email and a VPN and some subdomains it might turn out that it’s only the Octopus’s Website Arm that points to Web123. In that case it’s probably better if your IT company holds the octopus, and they just point the Website Arm at us.

This means you’ll leave your domain delegation as it is and you’ll ask your DNS Host to point the A-Record of your domain to Web123’s web server. (They might get a little confused if you start talking to them about octopuses).

In order to delegate (or re-delegate) your domain you’ll need to contact your domain registrar. Generally you’ll just log in to their website and change the information yourself. So to change who holds your octopus, you need to go back to the people you rent your octopus from and let them know who you want to hold your octopus. If you purchased your domain through Web123 or if you’ve transferred your domain to Web123 then we’ll be able to do this for you.

And once you’ve rented an octopus and organised for somebody to hold it, it will be possible for us to put your website up on your domain!

So if you’ve got a staging website with Web123, even if you’re not ready to go live right away, and you don’t have all of the information you need or you’re not quite sure please send us a ticket or give us a call to have a chat about Octopuses: that way when you’re ready to go live we’ll be able to do it right away!


Got any questions or comments? Leave them in the box below.


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