You didn’t think that once you got your site that we would forget about you? Nooooooo, we wouldn’t do that! We’re always looking for ways to evolve and improve upon your experience with your Web123 website and its Content Management System (CMS). It’s what makes our relationship special.

In case you’re not aware, we automatically upgraded YOUR website software with these new features, without you having to lift a finger, or dip into your back pocket.

So check out the latest updates below and give us a call if you have any questions. You can call our Tech Support crew on 1800 932 123, or, if you came to us via our reseller network have a chat with your trusty ProPartner. Enjoy!


New HTML editor. Cleaner, smoother and just a little bit more awesome.

We’ve been wanted to improve upon our (admittedly already pretty good) HTML editor for some time, and now we have! As of today, all your pages, products, blog posts and news items will be created using a brand new editor.


So what do you get with the new HTML editor?

  • For starters, the new HTML editor has a cleaner design, which makes using it easier.
  • You can now add images directly into the text editor, instead of having to create separate image items for your page.
  • It’s easier to align your images (i.e. left, right, centralise… that sort of thing) on your page.
  • You can copy and paste images DIRECTLY into the text editor (we’re particularly proud of that one 😀 ).
  • It has been optimised to work on multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc), including earlier versions of those browsers too. *
* Please note that the editor has been designed to work on Internet Explorer Version 9 or above, as well as Firefox and Chrome. We recommend using Chrome. Please let us know if you experience any problems whilst using the new HTML editor.

CMS Control Panel Redesign.

Hey… it’s only a visual change, but who doesn’t like a new lick of paint every now and again? Big thanks to our design team, because I think this really brings the CMS design bang up to date.


To see the new design, simply log into your website and click on the ‘Control Panel’ icon on the top left of the site.

A brand new ‘Add a Lead Capture’ function to help increase your email signups.

What is a ‘Lead Capture’? Basically it’s an email opt-in form designed to collect your customer’s email addresses in exchange for a free download.


It happens to be one of the best ways you can build your email list, which in turn is a great way to build long-term relationships with your customers. All you’ve got to do is offer your site visitors a little incentive.

A free eBook is the typical goodie to offer a potential customer, but ultimately you can offer them pretty much anything. If you can digitally upload it (checklist, cheat sheets, top 10 lists, infographics, music files, videos, etc) you can offer it to your customers using our new ‘Lead Capture’ facility.

So this new system will allow you to:

  1. Create a form.
  2. Create a thank you page for that form.
  3. And send an email to whoever fills out the form with your free bonus.

Sounds simple enough, here’s how to do it:

  • Log into your website and click on the ‘Control Panel’ icon on the top left of the site.
  • Scroll your mouse over the ‘ Create’ tab and click on the ‘Add a Lead Capture / Download’ button.
  • You will be greeted by a field to create your lead capture.

    Here, add the title of the lead capture, the file you wish to upload, a description for what the customer is downloading, and the form you wish to use. Finally click on the‘Enable Lead Capture’ tick box. Then click ‘Save’.

  • This will bring up two more boxes, one for the ‘Thank You’ page, and another for the ‘Email’ that the customer will receive once they fill out the lead capture form. Fill these out.
  • Don’t forget to click on the ‘Publication Settings’ and ‘Publish’ your new lead capture form.
  • Click ‘Save’.

And you’re done! When you want to add your new  ‘Lead Capture / Download’ form, you can do so by adding it as a new widget when you ‘Edit a Page’ on your site.

Give our support guys a call if you need any further help with creating or adding this to your website.

New Google Map feature means it going to be even easier for your customers to find you!

A ‘Google Map’ is one of the most popular requests we get when we build a website for our clients. After all, they’re so useful!

It can help your customers find where you’re based, so now we’ve made it even easier to not only create and add a Google Map onto your website, but we’ve set it up so that you can promote multiple addresses on it too.


This is perfect regardless of whether your company runs from one or multiple locations.

To setup your Google Map….

  • Log into your website and click on the ‘Control Panel’ icon on the top left of the site.
  • Scroll your mouse over the ‘Create’ tab and click on the ‘Add a Google Map’ button.
  • Fill out the form, remembering to also select ‘Publish’ on the ‘Publication Settings’.
  • One of the options says ‘Latitude/Longitude (or Google Maps URL)’.

    To obtain this, simply go to Google Maps and search for your address. Then when you find the address, click on the button on the left that looks like a chain link. Simply copy the URL and then paste it into the ‘Latitude/Longitude’ field back on your Web123 site.

  • Don’t forget to click ‘Save’.
  • You’ll get a preview of the map, so adjust the ‘Zoom Level’ and ‘Map Width  / Height’ till it is exactly how you want it to be.
  • Next you can add ‘Markers’ to your map. These are the little pins that show your customers where you are based. Simply fill out the details in the ‘Markers’ box and click‘Add’. You can add as many as you want.

How easy is that? To add the map to your page, simply go to that page and add it as a new widget when you ‘Edit a Page’ on your site.

Remember our support team on hand if you need any further help. Don’t worry, they don’t bite! 😀


SEO Alert: The Control Panel Just Got Google-Friendly

Web123 sites have ALWAYS been Google-friendly, but now we’ve made it even easier for you to access and change the SEO settings of your site.


Seriously, why not go and have a look for yourself? We’re pretty pleased about how super-user-friendly we’ve made it!

  • Log into your website and click on the ‘web page logo’ in the top left of the page to access the Control Panel.

  • Slide your mouse over the ‘Website Admin’ in the Control Panel nav bar, and click on the ‘SEO Config’ link.

  • This will take you to the new Web123‘SEO Config’ page…

  • Here you can create site-wide meta tags, and also get immediate access to the SEO control panels for individual pages as well.

Seriously, the SEO is now so easy, even a trained monkey could use it. However if your monkey is feeling a little uninspired today and needs help, don’t hesitate to drop your Account Manager a line.

Did you know…

Your monthly ongoings cover you for ALL software upgrades?

That’s right, your monthly ongoings aren’t just for hosting, that’s only about 10% of what it includes… you also get unlimited support and free upgrades like these to your website and CMS software. In fact, we even install all of it for you too! No worries, no stress.

We like to take the website headaches away for you so you can concentrate on what you do best. A lot of other developers would charge you for the privilege of upgrading your site or adding new features like a flexible Google Map functionality. But we like you and we really appreciate you as a valued client…that’s why we love going the extra mile.

Did you check out last month’s free software upgrades? If not, see exciting things we announced in September here. And keep your eyes peeled next month as we’ve got even more coming your way soon!

Got any suggestions for future updates and changes? We want to hear them! Just leave them in the comment section below!

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