Link building – It’s an SEO party and you’re invited

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A little while ago I stumbled on one the most valuable FREE resources I’ve ever seen online. And I mean ever!

Firstly, you’ve probably heard of the terms ‘link building’ and ‘off-page SEO’ by now but did you know these little nuggets of gold make up about 80% of your SEO success equation?

Well today I’m here to tell ya that you need to get out, get OFF your website, get onto others and SHAKE that booty…

C’mon, get your SEO link-building party started! Shake it like Beyoncé!

Back to the gem I discovered a little while back… You see this amazing list is the most comprehensive list of link building strategies on the web. Seriously this is GOLD… it’s by a guy called Jon Cooper and you can find it here:

EPIC Complete List of Link Building Strategies – Read this NOW!

WARNING: This list could send your head spinning… Literally.

Your task for this week:

1. Keep it simple: All I want you to do this week is READ THIS LIST. That’s all.

It might take you more than 10 minutes but I want to open your mind to the world of SEO. If you see a few ideas you like and wanna try, jot them down, bookmark the page and stay tuned to my newsletters.

Next week I’m going to share what I believe is the #1 way to build quality links that has brought us countless new leads every day and masses of traffic to our site on a regular basis. Our sales team can barely keep up! (Bet that’s a problem YOU’D like to have right?).

And no, it’ not hard and, no, it doesn’t take forever. I swear, you can easily do it if you follow my simple plan… that I’ll share with you next week.

P.S. If you missed my newsletter about ‘on-page’ SEO check out 8 Killer SEO Tips I did a few weeks back coz you’re gonna need this too.

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