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My favourite part of my job is when I get to make things work better than they worked before, so I am thrilled to announce a couple of small updates which I think will make the lives of Web123 Clients that little bit easier.

Functional Updates

For a long time now, reordering products and categories has been a little bit tedious, especially if you’ve got a big product catalogue.

As of this week you may have noticed that you’re now able to reorder your products directly from the category you’re in! You’ll also be able to reorder sub-categories by editing the parent category.

We’ve also made reordering pages much easier: To reorder the pages under your “About Us” page for example, you’ll just edit your “About Us” page and look in the “Child Pages” panel.

If you’re confused at all or things aren’t working the way you expect please be in touch by leaving us a comment, raising a ticket or giving us a call on 1800 932 123.

Aesthetic Updates

If you’re using a gallery slideshow in your main banner area we’re giving you a little more control over how it appears. You’ll now be able to choose the transition the slideshow uses to get from one images to the next: so you can make them slide up or down rather than fading from one into the next. This update only applies to some websites right now, but if you want to try out some other transitions let us know so that we can switch it on for you.


As a valued Web123 client, you are guaranteed free updates to your site – for life! Keep in touch with us by email or on Facebook. And let us know what you think of the updates in the comments below.

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