Landing Page Builders: The Secret to High Converting Websites

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Have you ever wanted to sign up for something online, but then changed your mind because the sign-up page was too crowded with confusing and unrelated information? If you have, you’ll definitely want to keep reading! And if this is something that occurs on your website, then go get some refresher drinks as we’re going to sort it out right now, together. 🙂

Last week, we discussed five easy ways to keep your audience on your site longer. We told you that the goal of every website should be to keep visitors engaged, curious and eager to click/read more. When they arrive on your site, your design, content, irresistible offers and CTA should keep them interested and wanting to sign up or purchase.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. There are times when your focus should be to keep people away from the wider limits of your site and onto a single actionable acting, on a single landing page.

What? But those are opposing ideas!

Hold your horses and let me explain it to you more. 🙂

For discussion purposes, let’s say you’re a life coach who is getting ready to announce an offer of a FREE one-on-one session, providing clients sign up to your newsletter. You compose a compelling offer, upload some engaging photos and partner it with some superb call to action text.

But where are you going to get the BEST response for your offer?

A. On your main site, together with all the other information you have (schedules, offers, prices, etc).

B. On a separate landing page, enabling users to focus solely on your offer and the benefits that they could receive.

Obviously, the best pick is Option B. With a separate landing page, you’re more likely to get a higher conversion rate because users can focus on your offer and not get distracted.

Thankfully building landing pages quickly and easily for your unique offers has never been easier.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you now, that a great way to collect signups is to market to a specific audience, with a specific offer, drive them to a specific landing page tailored just for them.


Now admittedly this can increase the amount of landing pages you need to create for your potential customers.

However don’t let that put you off. Building a create landing pages have never been easier thanks to some of the genius and user friendly landing page builders out there.

But if you’re still not convinced, here are MORE reasons why you should be creating unique landing pages to compliment your business:

1) You’re more likely to increase your rate of new sign-ups.

In the example above, we’ve already agreed that landing pages are best for offers, events and other promotional strategies. With landing pages, your potential leads are able to see all the benefits that you’re offering. Thus, a successful lead capture!

Now, multiply the number of sign-ups by the number of landing pages you have. Yep! You’ll never receive as much as a ten-fold increase compared to just placing a bunch of links on your main website.

2) You’ll get more coverage on Google.

When you have more landing pages, there will be more chances for Google to index your website into their search results. By “index”, we mean that Google would know that your page exists and, when someone searches for a topic related to that of your landing page, it will appear in the search results.

And when that happens, you’ll get extra subscribers/sales with minimal effort! Isn’t that amazing?

3) You can experiment with different and unique designs to see which yield better results.

Did you know that the design, images and copy used on your landing pages can drastically change the success rate of how many people sign up to your latest offer or newsletter?

Landing page builders give you the opportunity to try out different copy, images and designs to see which is more compelling to your readers. It’s something I’m doing at the moment and hoping to do more off.

Did the landing page convert better with a video? Did it perform better with a short or long copy? Was it more engaging with more or less testimonials? Did this colour scheme work better than this colour scheme?

The possibilities and literally limitless… and landing page builders give you the opportunity to quickly try out new ideas without changing your main site.

4) You can create audience specific landing pages.
In addition, if you have a target-specific offer, you can create a design that is different from the others to cater to the audience that you are targeting! For example if you were leasing cars to a corporate entity, chances are you’d want to use different copy and imagery than if you were leasing to a family looking to go away for the weekend.

5) You can create more landing pages without having to bother your designers.
For Web123, the key thing was to allow us to quickly create multiple landing pages without getting our designers bogged down.

My designer are busy busy boys! And the last thing I wanted to do was give them MORE work when their plate was already full. Thankfully, landing page builders are stupidly user friendly, and as such I can get my marketing monkey to build them for me instead.

This made us a leaner and more effective company, and made our customers/clients very happy and satisfied with our service.

Yeah, you’re right! So, how do I create a smashing landing page?

Now’s that’s the spirit!

There are plenty of ways to create a smashing landing page. You could “code” a theme from scratch, but that would be time-consuming. Instead we suggest that you take advantage of software with pre-made templates that can help you quickly collect the email addresses of your prospective customers.


Some of the most popular landing page builders available today are LeadPages, HubSpot, PageWiz, KickOffLabs, OptimizePress and UnBounce. Personally, Web123 uses UnBounce because of the following reasons:

  • You can finish a landing page in a matter of hours. Since many landing page builders, like Unbounce, have a drag and drop feature, you can design a landing page in matter of hours instead of days. When our designer is busy with other tasks, I’m able to do the landing pages myself. It’s very easy!
  • You can then duplicate this page and tailor it in mere minutes! 🙂 Biggest short cut ever! Create a unique landing page for one audience or offer, and simple copy it and change it where you need to. Nice, quick and easy. Now THAT is smart marketing.
  • You don’t need to learn any programming to create a landing page. Like what I said above, all you do is drag and drop! No need to learn any computer languages. Phew! Such a relief, right? 🙂
  • They have many ready-made templates. If you’re not artsy and can’t even figure out what your landing page should look like, Unbounce provides over 80 templates that you can use for each of your offers. Remember, we need each page to look appealing and unique for your audience!
  • They’re easy to connect to third party tools. What made me really choose UnBounce over other landing page builders is the ease in which you can connect the tools you already use like Google Analytics, InfusionSoft and others to landing pages. They have already incorporated these tools, so all you need to do is change some of the settings and you’re good to go!
  • They allow A/B testing! Unbounce removes the guesswork from the picture by letting us do “A/B testing”. This simply means that you can do two versions of your page and, when it’s published, Unbounce will test and will show the the best of the two.
  • They have a very friendly support team. Not that I’ve ever needed to contact them for anything major because the software was so easy, but the one time I did, they were very prompt. Cheers guys!

Unbouce offers a 30-day trial to new members, so if you’re ready to give it a go, you may click this link.

Why have I told you about landing pages? Because next week.. you’re going to need them.

Next week, I’m going to set you down the road that going to help super-charge your business and make it stupidly profitable, and you’re going to need the landing page builders to make the most of it.

It’s something I got really passionate last year and I swear, it change my business for the better.

It’s also going to change the way you market and profit from your business.

That thing is funnel marketing… which can help drive people through these landing page builders via your online marketing and help turn those visitors to your website and your landing pages into actual customers.

And next week I’m going to pried the lid off of it and show you how landing pages are crucial as you join me on this journey to making your business more profitable than ever before. I’m so excited! 😀

What offers do you plan to put on your very first landing page? What landing page builder do you plan to use? When you’ve got your results, please share them by commenting below! I’d love to hear your success stories. 🙂

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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