Killer Tips to Sell Product Online – Part II

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In Part 1 of this series we touched on the importance of great photography, writing compelling product descriptions, categorising your products and the free shipping debate when it comes to selling products online. Here we’ll highlight some other killer tips you may not have thought of yet, but can be implemented with relative ease. Remember, if your customers are raving fans, they do most of the selling for you.


1. Give a surprise gift free with every purchase.

We all love freebies! You don’t have to spend the earth here, but consider giving a little surprise gift with each order you ship. One client of ours gives quirky little paperclips that you can’t buy from their store. They get so many comments from their customers; they’ve almost become a collector’s item!

Make your free gift relevant to your audience. Do some research online. If I was selling to Interior Designers, I’d probably look for a cool little fabric designer pouch from Etsy, which in fact I can buy for about $2 each. They look like they’re worth a lot more than that and, as we all know, it’s the thought that counts. Get creative.


2. Publish customer reviews & testimonials.

When new visitors land on your site they probably don’t trust you. With all the talk lately about credit card fraud, who could blame them?

One of the best ways to gain confidence is to publish customer product reviews and testimonials about your service. The benefits are two-fold. Firstly, you get to reap the rewards of other customers raving about you but you’re also empowering your customers by allowing them to comment on their experience with you or the product they bought from you.

If you say it about yourself, you’re bragging. If someone else says it about you, it’s proof. Get to work on your reviews pronto!



3. Use FAQ’s to increase conversions, decrease bounce rates and drive more traffic.

You could have really thorough content on your site and killer product descriptions but I’d bet that in 99% of cases, people still have questions. That’s where you can use a Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section to help your buyers.

A comprehensive FAQ page help will not only put buyers at ease and increase sales, but it will also attract a lot more search engine traffic if you put in a little extra effort before writing.

Once you have your list of questions use the Google Adwords Tool to research what questions and keyword phrases people are using in searches. Then craft your answers around these popular search terms scattering your keywords throughout. It’s a great way to attract free traffic to your site whilst providing a better online experience for your shoppers.

Read more here about how to research your keywords.


37Signals have done a brilliant job of helping their customers using frequently asked questions. Breaking up the questions into categories makes for great usability.


4. Integrate with social media.

Employ social media plug-ins to help you spread the word about your products. By adding the ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ or ‘Share This’ functionality to your product views, you make it simple for fans of your products to tell their friends. We all love to rave about something awesome we bought online. Let your customers do the raving for you.

Web123 clients have this function, so go have a look!


See how Nine West make it so easy to share this product on Facebook. It’s a simple but effective way to help your customers spread the word for you.


5. Don’t forget SEO & PPC

There’s no point having a fantastic eCommerce website to if no one knows about it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can drive quality traffic to your site by placing you at the top of Google. If you’re in front of people when they want to buy you’re one big step closer to making more sales. Read more about SEO here.


In summary, no, it’s not easy to sell online but if you start now and give it your best shot, you’re a mile ahead of most of the population. Don’t dismiss the impact some of these simple changes can make to your sales. I know you’re busy. And this might seem like a hassle to do. But I urge you to take the time because if done right, your customers wallets might just be busting to open as soon as they land on your site.
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Got any other killer tips to sell product online?  What are your thoughts? Tell us what works for you by leaving a comment below.


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