How to Structure the Perfect Blog Post

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Is there such thing as the perfect blog post? If you read a lot of the “blog guru” websites out there, you’ll probably notice that they all say “yes… there is such a thing as the perfect blog post.”

However, they all have a different idea as to what the perfect blog is.

Well worry no more… I’m coming in to be the referee for this debate and I’m going to resolve it right here and now.

I’ve taken it upon myself to wade through all the opinions and ideas out there, and I’m going to put together the best ideas I’ve seen, and present to you the perfect blog structure for you to duplicate on your own website.So next time you write a blog post, make sure you include the following 10 features:

1) Attention grabbing headline

Start off with a powerful headline that grabs your reader’s attention. If the headline doesn’t convince you to stop and read that blog right there and then, have another go at it!

If you can’t convince your readers to stay, they are simply going to dump you and move on into the distance.

2) Opening paragraph

Many marketing experts out there believe that many people read the first 3-4 lines of a blog, and make a decision to read the rest of the blog there and then. So it’s a great place to summarise your article and “convince them” to read the rest.

3) An eye-catching image

As you probably see from our blog, we like to include a bold and strong image. It helps to draw people’s eye and help them sum up the article with one visual cue.

This is especially true as this image will appear on Facebook feeds when they are shared by your readers. Don’t settle for a dull image, invest in some powerful eye candy to improve your open rates considerably.

4) Guide your readers with the a sub-header

To help improve the readability of your blog, you should include sub-headers to break up the blog post. Many people like to ‘scan read’ and jump straight to the section that is relevant to them, and sub-headers will allow them to do this. In addition to that, sub-headers can be used to entice people to read that section.

So offer them promises and highlight on the readers benefit on reader that section to pull them through the whole blog post.

5) Make a personal connection with your reader

As you delve deeper into your copy, it’s important to try and connect with your reader emotionally. So after writing your blog, read the main section of your blog and make sure you connect emotionally with your reader.

Strong emotive language is a great way to do this, as well as telling a story which a reader could relate too.

6) The Call to Action Paragraph

The final readable section of your blog should ALWAYS include a summary of the blog the reader has just read, and also include a specific instruction as to what you want the reader to do next.

Do you want them to read another blog? Leave a comment? Check out one of your services? Tell the reader to do it! It may sound cheeky, but trust me, if you don’t ask…. you don’t get!

7) Comments Section

The best thing about a blog is that you can encourage a two way conversation with your readers. So why not include a comment section on your website?

Having a blog is one thing, but having a communication channel is a powerful tool to help build you as an expert in your field, and in turn drive them to become buyers into your business.

Are you ready to start running your own blog?

If you want a website (or already have one) with its own blog, now is the time to jump on the opportunity! Running a blog can improve the conversation between you and your customers, and help improve your income. What a great way to secure the future of your business!

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