How To Smash Your Online Limbo And Get Sales Moving!

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Running on instinct without a plan could be stopping you achieving real online results. The trick is making sure your (digital) legs stay pumping, but in the right direction…

The funny thing about humans is that we always seem to be running. And there’s only two ways we can run… towards or away from something. But is it getting us anywhere? When it comes to websites and building your business if you don’t have a clear plan of what you do (and don’t) want then your efforts could be a complete waste of time and energy.

Running on instinct without a plan could be stopping you achieving real online results.

So when it comes to online success the trick is making sure our (digital) legs are pumping and we’re actually getting somewhere we want to be… otherwise we’re in that horrible place called (scary drumroll please)… Online limbo!
So let’s do a quick limbo check.
  • Are you full of good intentions for your website but confused where to start?
  • Would you rather watch paint dry than work out why your website is underperforming?

If you answered YES then this article is for you!

If you’re running away from your online marketing responsibilities there’s a few simple things you need to turn yourself around, and I’m going to show you how.

Firstly, the key to smashing your online limbo and getting into action is…

1. Motivation

Speaking of motivation, another funny thing about us humans is that we have more energy when we’re running towards a goal rather than trying to escape something we don’t like. How energised do you feel when you finally get close to something you want?
Let’s start by getting your headspace right. It’s time to ask yourself some very important questions:
1. What am I trying to avoid?
2. What do I NOT want to happen?
3. What do I want?
4. What is the consequence of NOT taking action?
5. What could I achieve if I took action and got a result?
6. What’s the first action I can take? (and it might be as simple as looking at your website with fresh eyes!)
7. Take that first step…
8. OK, what is the next step I can take to get what I want?
10. Rinse and repeat!
I’ve never been a big follower of ‘The Secret’ but it’s true that success is a path that starts with creating clarity in yourself, and then visualising what you want. Running towards something (i.e.. having a clear vision and a goal ) is far more powerful than trying to avoid something kind of unknown and scary.

2. Having a plan.

The key to success is have a vision so attractive and compelling that it pulls you towards it. That’s called a plan for success. Is getting a super-converting website that converts visitors into customers a compelling enough reason to smash your online limbo? I hope so!

What If I don’t know the right steps to take?
Hey, I understand that sometimes online limbo comes because you simply don’t have the answers to the question of ‘what action can I take?’.

Good news! I have sorted that that bit out for you. Here’s a fantastic new resource we just created: Web123’s Ultimate Website Conversion Checklist. It has 79 steps to take your website from a zero to a hero. It’s six pages of online marketing gold! We only released it a week ago and already it’s been downloaded 300 times, so I suggest you get it before your competitors do!

Important: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember that goals and achievements take time, especially if you want to turn a website wasteland into a website conversion machine. Don’t get discouraged, download our website conversion checklist and it absolutely can happen. Just tick off every step and soon enough your website will be working better than you ever thought it could!


This blog was originally published at herBusiness, the Australian Businesswomen’s Network blog. 

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