How to Make an Effective Facebook Page

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Your business’s Facebook page is your company’s first social impression on the online world. Think of it as an informal way of saying hello to your customers, prospects and business connections. While your business Facebook page will never be a replacement for your website, there are a lot of things you can do to make it more effective than other (say… your competitors’) Facebook pages. Here’s a breakdown of all the parts to pay attention to.

#1 URL

Did you know that when you first set up a page, Facebook generates a random URL for you that probably looks something like ? Not very appealing, is it! Once you have 25 fans, you can customise that URL so it better suits your business. Go to and you can set yours.

Pro Tip: Choose very carefully when setting your Facebook page’s username. It cannot be changed, even if you make a mistake.


#2 Facebook Page Title

The Title of your page is, usually, your business name. While that may sound simple, for many businesses it can be a complicated thing. Should you include “Pty Ltd”? Do you prefer to be known by your webdress? (i.e. rather than Small Biz Australia, What if you use a different trading name than the business? This is a valuable piece of real estate that will greatly affect how your customers find you on Facebook, so think carefully about what you want to title your Facebook page.


Pro Tip: The name of your page can be changed, but ONLY until you have 100 fans. Once you reach 101 fans,  you’re stuck with that name forever!

#3 Skyscraper Image

The Skyscraper image is your Facebook page’s profile picture. Take full advantage of the space Facebook allows by getting a custom-designed image to fill the 180 by 540. The best skyscraper images incorporate branding in a fun, inviting way.

Pro Tip: Only about one third of your Skyscraper image will be visible throughout the rest of Facebook: the thumbnail image. Make sure your designer knows this is the most visible part of your entire Facebook page.

#4 Wall

This is the most visible part of your Facebook page, and the part you need to spend the most time on ongoing. You should be posting content to your Facebook page at the very least once a day, but depending on your industry and relationship with your customers it may be as often as 4-6 times a day. Keep your page fresh with useful, entertaining content and your Facebook fans will keep looking to your business for advice. Staying fresh in your fans’ minds is one of the best things you can do to keep moving these prospects through the sales funnel.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your Insights to see which posts are the most (and least) popular with your fans.

#5 Post images

Did you know that posting content to your Facebook wall that includes media (either an image or a video) will likely get up to 37% higher engagement than if you’d posted the exact same thing in just text? An effective Facebook page will regularly post images (with captions!!) to their wall that are attractive and consistent with their brand.


#6 Info Tab

Depending on which Category you’ve selected for your business, you’ll have slightly different fields to complete in the Info section of your Facebook page. Any areas that you leave blank won’t appear on the public version of your Info, so if there’s an area you don’t think is relevant don’t worry about finding something to say. However, make sure you fill in as much as you possibly can.

Pro Tip: Know how everyone is talking about social media affecting your SEO? This is where. Research your keywords and use them strategically in the Info section.

#7 Welcome Tab

Facebook pages don’t come with Welcome tabs by default, but they’re so effective for conversions we think they should! A Welcome tab is set up through a third party app that displays a custom image when a new visitor lands on your Facebook page. That Welcome image is one of the best strategies you can use to introduce your brand, welcome new visitors, and entice them to “like” your page.


Pro Tip: You’ll need a third party app and a compelling design to set up a Welcome Tab.


UPDATE: Facebook’s new Timeline layout means that Welcome tabs aren’t quite what they used to be. They’re still there, just in a new area of your page. Read more about how Welcome tabs work with the Facebook Timeline for business pages.


#8 About box

You can fit as many as 242 characters into this section; however Facebook will hide anything longer than 10 words or so. Always include your web address in this section and the quickest summary of your business as you can. Choose your top keyword to include. Remember some of the content may not be visible, so choose your words very carefully.

Pro Tip: Writing out www. in front of your web address may just be wasting valuable characters. If your site is set up to work with or without it (most are!), save space by cutting out those characters when you don’t have much room to write.


Likes are one of the most important part of any Facebook page. When someone “likes” your business, they are subscribing to your brand’s updates and endorsing your business to all your friends. Needless to say, the more likes you can get the better!
Like This tells you the number of people who have liked your page.

Talking About This is the number of people who have interacted with your page in some way that has generated a Newsfeed story over the past 7 days. This might include liking your page for the first time, commenting on something you posted, or mentioning you in a post.

Were Here – If your Facebook place has been combined with a Places listing, you will also see a “Were Here” count below the likes. That number is a count of how many people have “checked in” to your business via Facebook’s mobile app.

Likes – The last item in this section is what Facebook simply refers to as your Likes. These are the pages that your page has liked. You can choose among your favourite pages to feature on your page – a great way to showcase partners, sister brands, or clients.



Does your business have a highly effective Facebook page? Share your tips for making it great in the comments below. If you don’t have a business Facebook page yet, a Facebook Kick Start Kit could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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