How To Design A Business Twitter Page

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Your business Twitter page should be a representation of your brand as much as your website or your shop-front is. We let you know the why… and the how.


Use all the main elements of your existing brand so the message and the feel is consistent between every element of your marketing efforts.

The Why…

A consistent message is a strong message. Repetition of a single message increases the chance that when the viewer sees your brand again, they’ll have a better chance of remembering you. So if you mix the brand messages you’ll confuse your target market and you’ll be lost quicker than a child left alone in a supermarket! (community announcement: don’t test that one out).

The How…

Your brand personality and message should be reflected in your logo. Your logo should dictate the design of your website and your website should dictate the design of your Twitter page, which should then sit nicely back with your logo again. See how it all works together?

When designing your Twitter page pay attention to: 

  • your colour palette
  • the font
  • layout
  • tone
  • your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • your contact details
More specifically, when it comes to sorting your business twitter page, make sure your Twitter background, your Twitter avatar (picture) and Twitter colour scheme all push your brand message forward… not backwards.


And be memorable, but please don’t be memorable for ugliness!


Remember, there’s a lot of bad Twitter accounts out there, so having a professional-looking Twitter design is like having a cruiseship-sized message in a bottle…. you’ll be unmissable!

And if you want to get more results out of your business twitter account, read our article on 10 tips for top results on twitter.


Twitter Design is just as important as good web design and it really pays to stand out. So if design and colour isn’t your strength then we can help. If you’re already A Web123 customer we can revamp your Twitter account for as little as $179. Call us on 1800 932 123 to find out more.

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