How I created my own ads on Facebook!

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Meet Kylie Dowell, a long-term Web123 client. Learn from her trials, tribulations and ‘wow’ discoveries when she created her first Facebook ad… from scratch!


Hi Web123ers,

Well, it all began about a month ago; I put up my new website and then I uploaded my amazing new eBook for sale on it. However, I needed exposure to help promote the eBook and actually make some sales. I had read that having a Facebook Page and linking blogs and information back to your website could help improve your Google ranking and website traffic. So, I went ahead and had my Facebook Page created. It was very successful in the beginning gaining many new ‘likers’ but it wasn’t generating any conversions and the new ‘likers’ slowly stopped. So, I started to get curious about how I could create ads on Facebook and how they would work for me.


The Curiosity Sets in…

After seeing so many ads on my own Facebook page and hearing about how well they work for other businesses, the curiosity set in. I wanted to know if it could work for me.

Initially I set up two ads to trial over a one week period set a few days apart, with two different strategies – one to increase fans and the other to increase subscription conversions on my website.

The first Facebook ad was to encourage ‘likers’ and build on fans. The ad linked directly to my Facebook page where we gave away the first 6 pages of the eBook for free. I set the filters to capture those in Australia who are over the age of 18. This had a really good outcome and we gained 100 Australian based ‘likes’ from it. I was really happy with the outcome as I was able to see that 81.5% of those people that clicked the advert also liked the page Facebook page.




The second Facebook ad was to generate website visitors and gain some conversions and sales, directing those who clicked on the ad to the main product page on the website. The ad advertised that people could get a free resume review with every purchase of the eBook. Again I set the filters to target those in Australia and being over the age of 18. Although the Facebook report states I got 97 clicks, these did not result in conversions. This one was not successful and even though we got clicks there were no conversions or sales from it.




So it was back to the drawing board, I was concerned that I had a good Facebook ad for increasing ‘likers’ however, I needed one to increase conversions on my website – in my mind the job was only half done.


… And Wiser I Grew!

I read a great blog by Web123 and responded to their Free Web Tips & Advice Newsletter to let them know how my trial with the Facebook ads went. They offered some additional advice on content and pictures in my ads, which I went on to use.

I kept at it and set up another ad for a trial period of one week that was specifically targeted to my market.  This ad was aimed to give mums a free cover letter, where once they clicked on the ad they would be taken to the website to fill in the subscription box and receive a free cover letter. The ad looked like this…




With this ad I sent them to the home page and moved the subscription box higher up on the right hand side of the page, so they would see it once the page opened. I set my target market to Australian women, who are parents, aged between 24-35. Although this ad gained 79 clicks and I received 1 new ‘like’ out of it, there weren’t any new subscriptions.

Then it hit me and I realised that when people clicked on the link, they couldn’t always see the subscription box on their screen and that there was so much other stuff on the page that is possibly distracting them from subscribing. Yes it was a light bulb moment!

Back I went again to create yet another ad; this is the fourth one by this time.

But this time I created a whole  new page on the website called “Free Cover Letter”,  I didn’t add it to the menu and I didn’t index it with Google (I know they will find it eventually), and I put a few lines of text in and the subscription box and re-ran the ad.

I used the same wording and picture and set my target market to Australian women, who are parents, but I expanded the age group this time to 24-40 years of age.


Finally, it paid off!

Finally all my testing worked, within 1 day of starting this ad my subscription conversions from Facebook jumped from 1 a day to 8 a day.

Traffic to the newly created page “Free Cover Letter” appeared instantly from Facebook as this is the only way people could access the page.

This now gives me two great ads that I can confidently run on Facebook to increase my fan base and ‘likers’, and continue to grow my subscription list so that I can then market to them via email and promote my product further.

Now I know Facebook advertising can work, who knows what more great resources I’ll create and advertise next. Watch this space!

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