The question stands, how do you create a website? All those tech terms and jargon those I.T. Geeks use is really confusing, and in the end you are still left asking ‘how do you create a website, because you didn’t answer my question!’

Frustrating, I know!

So, how do you create a website? There are a lot of tools out there that let you create a website but don’t let you have much freedom to do what you like with it. Many web companies are like this also; they will quote you thousands and thousands of dollars and promise you a fantastic website but in some cases it will take them over a year to build and get live, they will only give you a certain amount of pages, and they won’t give you access to edit your website how you like.

So, how do you create a website that’s right for you with all the freedom and access you want; a website that will yield results, bring in sales, and brand your company perfectly? Well, it’s easy!

You need to consider that if you want a website that is actually going to work for you that you will need to spend some money on getting it up and running. However, don’t be fooled… if you get quoted for anything over $3,000 for a simple website I’d be looking elsewhere!

You need to make sure that the company you are getting to do your website is actually going to allow you the freedom to edit whatever you like whenever you like, which includes editing content, uploading photos and documents, editing your design template, changing colours and fonts, a CMS that allows you to do all this and most of all the support that will help you and not charge you! Hint: Web123 does all this ;)…

Once you find a company that will provide you with a seamless website it’s time to actually create your website; by this I mean adding your content and what to add and what not to add!


How do you create a website with great content?

The golden rule about website content is that you MUST engage your reader within the first 10 seconds. If they’re not hooked within that very short space of time, they never will be.

This is why you must work extra hard on your headline and opening sentence. Making sure that the headline grabs their attention. It might do that by promising to solve a problem or satisfy a desire.

Follow up a strong headline with interesting and relevant introductory sentences that promise even greater things to come. Do those things – within 10 seconds – and your readers are more likely to read everything you have written!

The next step in creating compelling website content may seem a little obvious but it’s amazing how much web content tells you absolutely nothing. So, if you are going to say something just say it! Compelling website content makes a direct connection with the reader. It says ‘I understand you’. ‘I know what concerns you’. ‘This is how I can help you’.

To make this connection, do some market research about your readers and the things that interest or concern them. By knowing your reader, you’ll know what they want to read.

When writing the web content, don’t make it all about you. Of course it is about you to an extent; but try and look at things through the eyes of your average reader. As far as they’re concerned it should be all about them: What do they want? What is their problem? What is their deepest desire?

Instead of using “we” or “our”, replace it with “you” instead.

Use keywords in your headings and copy. The use of keywords is to raise your search engine rankings. Keywords are basically what a person will type into a search engine to find what they are looking for. For example if someone is searching for a business to design them a website they will type in “website design”, this is a keyword and the use of this keyword in your copy will allow you to be placed in those search results when searched.

Don’t be too clever or fancy with the words you use either. Again, consider who your readers are and tailor the content to suit them.

Don’t use irrelevant information on your website either and don’t be unprofessional, make sure your spelling and grammar is correct.


How do you create a website – next steps

As you can see, it’s actually easy to build a website. You just need to make sure you get the right tools to begin with and then utilise good content writing to make your website interesting for the reader and a good target for search engines.

One you have done that consider your imagery and make sure your photos are of high quality. Post a FAQ page where you can answer all customer questions before and after they consider buying. Make sure your website has your contact details readily available and that you provide numerous ways customers can contact you.

Once you have the structure of your website completed, it’s time to get it out there and seen! You want to make sure you utilise all possible marketing activities that fit to your budget. Sign up with the free social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter; implement some more SEO through keywords on your website.  Participate in blogging or sharing eBooks and your knowledge through social media or email marketing to your customer base.


The realm for marketing your website is endless! Read more of our blogs on how you can set up your online business from scratch >> or small business marketing essentials >> or when to launch your website >> we have many blogs and are happy to provide you with ideas and help whenever you need. So if you’re struggling and asking everyone “How do you create a website?” why don’t you just ask us? We’ve got the answer!

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