How can implementing a website grow my business?

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As a business owner you want your business to excel and you want to grow… in order to grow you need MORE leads, MORE sales, MORE cost effective marketing tools, MORE customers and MORE brand awareness. A website can provide all this to grow your business.

MORE Leads

Implementing a website allows you to generate more leads and track where they are coming from, this gives you a good indication of who your target audience is and how they perform once on your website.

Generating more leads can be done through various channels. The most popular channel is obviously online advertising where you pay to advertise on other relevant websites to generate click-thru’s to your website.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is another popular medium, where businesses can set up ads within Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to attract customers to their website.

Social Media is a free resource you can utilise to find more leads and to expose yourself to a wider community.

Google Analytics is a tracking tool, which can track where all the above leads are coming from. This will provide you with a good indication of what is working and what isn’t working.

MORE Sales

With more leads comes the potential of more sales, but this only will work if your leads are getting the information they required… you can find out more about this further on in this book.

Implementing a website gives you a non-human selling machine that is working around the clock every day of the year. This means leads have the possibility to turn into a customer straight away from visiting your website, whether that involves buying something online, calling your store, or going into your shop front afterwards.

Not only will you be able to generate leads and sales locally, you will receive international views and the possibility of internationals buying your products.

If you consider how many sales you generate through a shop front that works 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, compared to an online store that is open to an international audience open 24/7, 365 days a year, and with the fact that more and more people are turning to the web to buy; you will find that being online will generate more sales.

MORE Cost Effective Marketing Tools

Your website is now the most cost effective marketing tool you will EVER have! The ability to constantly update your website and have it change and grow with your business will allow you to effectively target your market on a low cost budget.

With all the lead generation you perform through online advertising or social media, it means you can cut out printing costs and mailing costs and just focus on all online marketing materials.

Utilising your low cost website and other low cost marketing tools, means your budget can be reduced, which means over-heads are reduced and you can put that budget towards something significant to also improve business growth, such as customer loyalty programs or in-store demonstrations.

MORE Customers

Basically, implementing a website expands your market considerably.  It allows improved customer service, the ability to build and maintain customers, and due to the fact you would be generating more leads and more sales, your will then naturally gain more customers.

Your job once you have a customer base is to nurture your customers and entice them to purchase again, in other words turn them into a loyal customer. The book later explains how to do this.


MORE Brand Awareness

The fact you are a space where anyone can view your website means your brand is out there amongst everyone else’s brand. With the combined effort of marketing your website and selling through your website your brand awareness will increase due to the number of people viewing and buying from your site.

A ‘Refer a Friend or Family Member’ brand awareness campaign would also be a great promotion for your website, not only is it cost effective but it’s free marketing of your brand. Perception of having a website also provides your brand with great credibility and with the ease of use of websites it will attract customer loyalty.

This all leads to more leads, sales and customers; thus growing your business.


So, focus on doing MORE to get MORE! If you need help on getting MORE and doing MORE, call us and we will help!

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