Here's a simple thing to improve your rankings…

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It’s not often that we give you top ranking tips that involve you doing less, not more, but here it is! We wanted to give you a quick tip that’s super easy to get seen by even more people out in the wide world of the web. Are you ready?

Rankings are strongly linked to good user design. That means keeping your website clean, making it easy to navigate, simple opt-in boxes, video for engagement, etc.
The tip we wanted to share with you is still a rumour (but the stats are showing it’s almost a concrete fact) is that the simpler website with a shorter page that has the relevant content ABOVE THE FOLD will be ranked better than a content-heavy page.
Content is still king but it has to be an efficient, lean king!
Don’t add words just for the sake of stuffing some more keywords in there. It doesn’t help.

So the simple thing I wanted to share:

Make your website a simple (but elegant) thing… and Google will reward you.

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