Google Adwords (PPC) for Small Businesses.

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Google Adwords is without doubt one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise your web business. And with good reason…. because there’s somewhere in the region of100 billion searches per month, as people look for everything from shoes to brand new cars.

Which is pretty much why…

EVERY business should consider a PPC strategy of some sort.

Whether we like it or not, Google have a strangle hold on the ‘web search engine’ market… so it’s important that you at least consider advertising on Google. After all… it’s where the majority of the eyeballs are.

Frankly… it’s got to the point now where your customers EXPECT you to be on Google… and if you’re not, you might as well not exist. Harsh… but true.

In fact, whilst you’re reading this, why don’t you quickly search for something on Google now?

Because then I can show you how your results will come up in Google. There are two ways to get onto a Google search results. There are ‘organic’ results and ‘paid’ results.

What are ‘organic’ results? Those are the results that appear in the main body, and are the legitimate results Google recommend you check out. There are numerous ways you can climb up these rankings, but I’m not here to talk about that.

Today, I want to talk about using the paid results to get ahead!

PPC is a great way to bring immediate business to your site.

The search results on the right hand side of your Google search results are ‘paid results’.

People setup adverts to appear for certain keywords, and then pay every time someone clicks on their advert and goes to their page. This is why it’s called PPC (or… Pay Per Click)!

PPC advertising is a great way to get traffic to your site immediately, and is often used by new small businesses to give everything a good kick start.

“So I suppose I better setup my Google Adwords account now yeah?”

Well hang on a minute, because there are a couple of things you ought to know first.

You see, you can drive traffic to your site immediate, BUT the cost of attracting this crowd will vary massively depend on who your competitors are, what keywords you focus on and where you geographically point these adverts to.

However, there is an easy way to keep your costs down and your profit margins up!

So what’s the number one rule for a small business on Google?

Nobody wants to be trampled on by an elephant, and thankfully you won’t be expected to go head to head with all the corporate big guns that frequent Google who can plough huge amount of money into the most popular terms.

Instead, you can advertise off of specific terms and focus on your own niche instead.

The great thing about Google is that because SO many people search on Google, you don’t have to advertise on such general keywords as ‘motorbike’ or ‘shoes’.

You can advertise on specific terms like ‘pink motorbike’ or ‘sparkly shoes’. Or if you want to get REALLY specific you can advertise on ‘pink motorbikes in Melbourne’ or ‘sparkly shoes Sydney’.

In fact, the more specific your search term, the cheaper it will cost to advertise on a keyword.   

And if you need help identifying keywords that you can focus on, why not ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do you work within a specific area, such as a town or city?
    E.g.‘car rental in Dandenong’ or ‘Italian restaurant in Bondi.’

  • Do you offer your services to a specific type of customer?
    E.g. ‘baseball caps for girls’ or ‘kids bowling balls.’

  • Is your product or service unique in some way compared to your competitors?
    E.g. ‘yellow office bins’ or ‘cherry flavoured cigars’ (yes they exist!).

Basically… it’s almost impossible for a company to dominate EVERY keyword out there, so by identifying the smaller opportunities, you can still get a decent slice of the Google PPC pie!

Here are a few more tips for small businesses looking to get into Google Adwords:

  • Do some basic keyword research first. You can use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to find out how many people search for your chosen keywords and the keyword’s competition levels.
  • Use keywords that advertise your business to the local area. You will get a better return on your investment by focusing on the customers in your local area.
  • If a PPC advert you’ve set up isn’t delivering as you expected, consider rewording your advert’s copy to see if that encourages more people to come to the site.
  • Does your advert sound tempting enough? Would you click on it? Try to think about your copy and what would convince your customer to click on the link.
  • Make sure the landing page is relevant to your advert! On Google Adwords, you can choose what page your advert takes your customer to, so make sure it’s relevant to the ad itself. Don’t automatically send everyone to your homepage.
  • Always setup your CPC (cost per click) at a level your comfortable with. You can always raise the CPC it if you feel an advert isn’t delivering like it should.
  • Same for your budget! Remember, if the advert is making you money, you can always put more money into it later!
  • Record your results!! After all how will know which adverts work if you don’t know how many people go on to buy after clicking on your advert. Here’s a useful little video telling you how to do it.

You’re now ready to setup your Google Adwords. Go on…. GO!

The best thing you can do now is dive straight into Google Adwords and have a play. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything until you’re ready.

In fact Google will tell you how much it will cost and the potential click through rate before you even start. You can’t be any fairer than that!

So sign up and start playing around in Google Adwords… and within a few days you could have hundreds of new customers flocking to your website!

Have you tried Google PPC advertising before?

Tell us how it went for you below in the comments section! What worked / didn’t work? We’d love to hear about it!


P.S. If you’d prefer our PPC/AdWords specialists to look after your campaign, give us a call on  1800 932 123!
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