Space is really cheap… so use it!

The web is changing. Gone are the days when you relied on a pricey website designer to create a pretty brochure site that was rarely updated. Space is cheap… and here’s a highly-converting way to use it!

All visitors have a specific question they want answered. Unfortunately your home page can’t answer them all. Our tip? Create a range of specialised landing pages, each one designed to be found by a specific type of visitor, with a specific set of needs. Basically what we’re saying is:

Your homepage shouldn’t be the only entry point to your website.

Each landing page should be the beginning of a specific conversation that leads them through the sales funnel to a selling proposition that closely matches what they need. Plan this out and you’ll see your conversions soar!

To plan out who and what your customers are asking (and if you’re covering all the conversations you need to be), read our article on ‘How To Map Out Your Buyers Journey.

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