Facebook Profile vs Page: What’s the difference?

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As the rush continues for small businesses to develop their web presences, one of the most common errors I see in social media is businesses setting up the wrong type of account on Facebook.

Facebook Profiles

The most common type of account on Facebook is a Profile. Profiles are intended for individual users. This is the type of account you’ll want to connect with your family, friends, that old friend from primary school you haven’t seen in years…. Unless your business has a birth certificate, it probably shouldn’t have a Profile!

Having a Profile for your business is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use and could get your account suspended. If you “oopsed” and have already set up a Profile for your business, Facebook has a tool available to convert your Profile into a Page, HOWEVER know that you’ll lose a lot of information that way. If you’re in this situation, I’d suggest creating the Page yourself to minimise how much information would be lost in moving it over.


Facebook Pages

A Facebook Fan Page, also frequently referred to as a Page, is a single page on Facebook’s site that they allow for you to set up for non-personal use. In order to set up a Page you’ll need a Profile first. Pages are the ideal space for businesses, organisations, bands, and celebrities to connect with their fans and promote information about themselves. (See also: How to Create a Fan Page for Business and How to Use Your Fan Page in Business.)

While you’ll need a Profile to set up a Fan Page, the reverse is not true. Fan Pages are managed by one or more Profiles. So say that you decide you want to join Facebook. You create a Profile. Then say you want to create a Facebook Page for your business. Through your Profile, you’ll create a Page. Once it’s created, you can add other users as administrators to your Page as well.


Key differences

  • A Profile’s connections are friends. A Page’s connections are fans.
  • Profiles gain friends by sending and receiving friend requests. Pages gain fans by other Profiles and Pages “liking” their Page. Pages cannot send direct requests for someone to “like” their Page.
  • On your business Page, you can post either as your Profile or as your Page. That means you have the option of interacting with customers either as your business, or as the business owner.
  • Pages have statistics and demographic info about who their fans are.
  • Profiles are limited to 5000 friends. Pages can have unlimited fans.


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